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IGCSE and A-levels in January 2018

By ITS Education Asia

The winter exam session held by Edexcel in January each year offers a wide range of international qualifications at IGCSE and IAL, allowing students to tailor fit their academic goals in preparation for university and the future. A trend in the exam candidates that sit every January shows that these students usually get a head start on their qualifications. IGCSE Candidates have a wide range of core subjects including Math, Science and English to choose from should they decide to sit their exams early. International A-level Candidates also take this opportunity to divide their work load by sitting some units in this exam session. This is particularly advantageous for Math students as most additional units are available in this exam session as well.

The IGCSE exam period for January 2018 is from January 8 to January 25, while the IAL exam period goes from January 8 to January 29. Given that this is a shorter period than the summer exam session, students are able to focus more on doing well in each exam as they can maximize preparations for these during their Christmas/winter break. An unspoken rule among parents is that they often use the winter exam session as practice for the summer exams by having their children sit their exams at ITS in preparation for the IGCSE exams held in June at their child’s school. This has almost always been to a child’s advantage. Should you wish to enrol your child at ITS for January exams, please note that we are now in triple late fees – you can enrol at any time up to the day of the exam.

You may email [email protected] should you need the relevant forms or would like to be added to the June alerts list – enrolments will open in March. If you would like more information regarding tuition in preparation for IAL and IGCSE subjects, please feel free to email us at [email protected].

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