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By ITS Education Asia

ITS Young Learners support - and Summer Course Option

What are they? 

The Cambridge Young Learners’ Examinations are the three earliest examinations in the Cambridge Suite.  These examinations have been designed for children between the ages of  7 and 12, and are generally taken by children who have been learning English as their second language. 


There are three different levels in the Young Learners’ Examinations (YLE) – Starters, which is taken by the youngest candidates, Movers which is the middle of the three exams and Flyers which is taken by the older candidates. It should be noted that Flyers generally is considered to be at a level similar to the KET (Key English Test) level. Students don’t need to have completed an earlier exam to take a higher level. Each test consists of three papers – a listening paper, a reading and writing paper and a speaking paper.

The tests are taken in a comfortable and non-threatening environment and are a good way for young students to be introduced to the concept of an international exam without exposing them to the stress which is sometimes associated with the examination environment.


Why take the test?

These tests are taken for a range of reasons.  Sometimes, parents believe that it might help their child secure a place in a good secondary school. Or it might be an advantage if the child is going to go to an English-medium or International school, as it demonstrates to the school that the child has had some verifiable experience with English. Preparing for the exams gives a focus to the vocabulary items students might be learning.  And the child might also have the chance to learn something about western culture from the type of preparation done.



How to get ready for the exams?

Exposure to a range of vocabulary is the best way for a child to prepare for the exams. Download the YLE Handbook here.


The Handbook will contain lists of words which commonly come up in the tests at the different levels.  If the child is familiar with the words for the level of test which is going to be taken, that is very good preparation for the exams. Of course, as with any examination, an introduction to the format of the exam and what to expect from it is also very helpful.  Finally there are some simple things which should be reviewed with your child before they go to the exam, such as which exam paper requires the use of coloured pencils.

For help in getting your child ready for this exam please contact ITS.

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