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The first full range of International A-Level lessons ever available Online brings university entry possibilities to millions around the world

By ITS Education Asia

(4th March 2018, Hong Kong) ITS Education Asia, a Hong Kong based school organisation established in 2005, has released the world’s first set of video-based lessons for the globally recognised International A-Level (link: https://www.itseducation.asia/online/distance-education.htm). With an entry point of zero cost, students from all backgrounds are now able to gain A-Level qualifications for entry to universities around the world in the following extensive range subjects: Accounting, Biology, Chemistry, Economics, Geography, History, Mathematics, Physics and Psychology.

The lessons have been specifically produced for maximum effect online learning by ITS’ professional teaching staff, all of whom have extensive experience in teaching the course to students in the classroom and achieving excellent examination and university entry results. Every student can now watch 25 sessions of video lessons per unit of A-Level (around 100 to 150 hours in total depending on subject requirements) absolutely free of charge. There are an additional set of 5 revision videos per unit for those wishing to upgrade.

Registration for free classes is a simple log-in process via the ITS Education Asia website (link) which also includes all the information students need to make informed subject choices depending on their needs and wishes. Having sampled up to 10 hours of free online A-Level courses, students can explore a comprehensive range of affordable online support packages to suit every need and budget for the remainder of their course, or alternatively continue with just the videos for free. To date the most popular and cost-effective packages, comprise the modestly-priced “Mentor”. Other expert support services include personal homework marking and fully live tutorial lessons with individual teachers. The courses allow maximum flexibility for students wishing to have more control over how, when and where they learn. They bring the A-Level into places where no traditional schools could ever hope to deliver such a high-end programme and to millions around the world wishing to study A-Levels to enter universities around the world. And of course they overcome quality international education’s biggest barrier to entry – price, by making A-Level classes online and extremely affordable.

ITS co-founder, and Oxford graduate, Danny Harrington explained, “based on our experience by far and away the best value package is “Mentor” which comprises all the video lessons on demand, access to notes, model answers, access to peer-to-peer forum and a free education planning consultation for a mere US$195/two units, which is a fraction of the cost of traditional face-to-face tutoring and allows flexibility of timing and without the need to attend a specific location and needing nothing but an internet connection to a simple smartphone, tablet or laptop.”

ITS sees these courses as ideal for students who

  • cannot access other schools/institutions to complete their exams;
  • face mobility problems that make it difficult for them to attend mainstream schooling;
  • are home-learners and looking for additional qualified expert, experienced teaching support;
  • do not wish or cannot afford to attend overseas boarding schools to complete their senior secondary education;
  • are studying the IB, BTEC or other syllabus but wish to add an additional subject to improve their academic portfolio as well as chance of university entrance
  • are at an international school and want to review their course content;
  • are post-compulsory-school-age who need formal qualifications, or
  • life-long adult learners wishing to enhance/or change their career or secure university courses.

“We have always sought to release students from the cost, time and locational limitations of mainstream education models while still allowing students to gain the qualifications they need to progress in the modern world. ITS Education Asia has worked hard and is proud to have devised the very first globally recognised and affordable online A-Level programme content for the most popular subjects taken. With this International A-Level project we believe ITS Education Asia has found a way to bring university entry possibilities to millions around the world.” Danny concluded.

For media enquires, please contact Sean Lai, Director of Admissions (China & Hong Kong) /

Danny Harrington, Director of ITS Education Asia at 2116 3916 or email to us:

[email protected].

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