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Coaching – Is It For Me?

Are You …..

  • a student unsure about what to do after school finishes?

  • languishing in “Job Search Mode” with a CV that is not appearing to work for you?

  • a student thinking about a career path but not sure how to get in the door?

  • about to get that interview and need some advice, guidance and practice?

  • not sure how best to present yourself in your best possible light and emphasise your strengths and achievements?

  • returning to the job market and want to capitalise on your previous experience and achievements?

  • thinking about simply taking stock of where you are, what you have already achieved and where you’d like to go?

If YES, then perhaps Coaching can help. Whether you are just beginning in the competitive world or considering a career-change, or whether you need to bring your paperwork up to date, want to improve your presentation confidence or just need to take stock of who you are, where you are and where you’d like to go, then a course of individually-tailored sessions designed to enhance your confidence and improve your competitiveness can make all the difference for success. Through the process of engagement with a properly qualified Coach, you will discover your true strengths and abilities, highlight your values and motivators and focus on what you can “bring to the table” – and also have a clearer sense of personal direction. If you would like to know more about how Coaching may assist you, simply get in touch.

Contact us via the button at the top of the page or call +852 2116 3916.

About our trainer, David Russell:

russellAfter over 30 years involved with large-scale institutional training, David retrained as a Career Coach and embarked on an independent career in the specialised field of Career Coaching and individual personal development. David is also a Certified Executive Coach under the auspices of the International Coaching Federation. David now undertakes career, graduate, leadership and presentation coaching to individual clients. In addition to coaching students, graduates and corporate and private professionals, David also delivers lectures on general coaching and leadership subjects to Tertiary Institutions and conducts public-speaking and presentation classes and workshops to independent educational and training institutions.

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