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Selecting a school that suits your child's abilities and personality will ensure your child develops into a well-rounded individual.

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ITS Education Team are leading consultants who can provide expert support throughout a student's entire academic journey; from nursery, primary and secondary, to university applications.

School Placement
Our experts support families with application to competitive school entrance.

We help explore options beyond your initial perceptions of school choice. We select schools for our clients based on a variety of factors, such as: a child's personality, parents' educational values, a child's academic ability and interests.

A child's happiness and development is always at the centre of our work with families, and we begin by meeting with both parents and their child to help make positive choices at every stage.

By providing an exceptional understanding of the Hong Kong schooling landscape, and the right information at every step, we are able to guide students from nursery to university.

Our consultants help you explore options beyond your initial perceptions of school choice. The schools we find for our clients are based primarily on what you tell us you want for your child, and what schools fit well with your child’s ability and personality.

Each family has their own personal advisor who has the benefit of the combined experience and expertise of the entire ITS school search team to draw on. All our consultants work as hard for the children of their clients as they do for their own.

Our school search support can range from:

  • Private consultations
  • Strategic educational planning
  • Academic assessments
  • Secondary school search & application
  • Interiew preparation & entrance test support
  • Boarding school choices

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We offer a variety of consultancy services to meet you and your child's needs - from a one hour consultation, to a dedicated step-by-step fully supported search which ends with your child being placed in a school of your choice.

Professional Educational Planning

Finding the right school for your child can be both complex and challenging for any parent as the competition can appear alarming. Our consultants develop a flexible but comprehensive schooling plan in order to chart a child’s schooling from nursery to secondary. We take the stress out of the school search process and provide a dedicated personal service to help you meet your schooling needs.

Our schooling plans are designed so that they can be reviewed and adapted to the natural development of the child's personality and skills. We ensure parents have all the information they need, and are fully supported every step of the way.


For many parents, a consultation with an education expert is a great way to gain clarity of mind quickly. If you have already started your search and have found yourself feeling overwhelmed, or are right at the start of the process and confused by all the different schools, entrance policies, a consultation with one of our experts is the way to start. During the consultation, we will discuss potential schools with you, compare and contrast strengths and weaknesses of those schools, and recommend next steps.

School Search

A school search is appropriate for parents who are at the start of their search, want expert advice on the schools that will best suit their child’s needs and their own educational values, but who are happy to then manage the application process themselves. We will have a detailed discussion with you to determine the criteria that are important for you, and then put together a report of schools that fit these criteria and a schooling plan which will support you on your own independent search.

School search and placement

Our school placement service is for parents who need a fully-supportive school search and who want us to take all the administration responsibilities off their hands. We provide support to parents from the beginning of their search to the point at which your child walks through the school gates. We will recommend appropriate schools, arrange visits and accompany you on tours to ensure that you get the most out of your visit. Following this we will complete the applications for your child on your behalf; we provide tutoring services for the interviews, and will continue to work closely with you and the admissions teams at each school, until your child is happy and settled at their new school.

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