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Get Ahead Programme - take early IGCSE

If you are currently studying at a local secondary school in Hong Kong, there are some great options that will help you in your educational path. Taking IGCSE subjects will:

  • bolster your experience of exams
  • make any applications easier
  • increase the chances of success for international school transfer
  • increase successful UK boarding school entry
  • improve university entry chances

ITS Education Asia is Hong Kong’s only flexible official exam centre for IGCSE

If you are currently in Form 1 - 3, you could take:

  1. IGCSE Maths
  2. As the IGCSE level of Maths is fairly simple compared to local schools, an academically strong student is able to complete this exam with relative ease. We suggest that interested students should enrol in a mock exam preparation session in order to understand the exam techniques that might differ from traditional school Maths exam. We can then decide how many lessons you need and also enrol you in the real exam closer the time.

  3. IGCSE English
  4. Both first and second language exams are very useful. For example, if you want to go to a UK university, taking one of these now may mean you do not need IELTS to gain entry or get a visa.

  5. IGCSE Subject
  6. If you are applying to UK boarding schools, IGCSE subjects can massively improve you chances of success. You will either have IGCSEs to show them or if you haven’t taken the exam yet we can provide a letter of support to confirm you are learning the subject and intending to take the exam with ITS.

    For these targeted plans, please schedule a meeting with one of our boarding school counsellors to help organise an academic pathway.

If you are currently in your DSE years, Form 4 and up, there are other options that might suit you:

  1. IGCSE subjects to facilitate university applications
  2. If your school offers only a selection of DSE subjects, it is recommended to take extra IGCSE subjects that would that would help support your application.

  3. IGCSE subjects to link with A-level subjects
  4. If you feel that the DSE curriculum is unable to support your application, you can also take IGCSE subjects and IAL subjects to apply to universities via the non-jupas route in Hong Kong or to the UK via UCAS.

  5. Take the IGCSE Booster bundle to enhance all your chances for the above

For all DSE students, please schedule a meeting with one of our boarding school counsellors to help organise an academic pathway as these years directly affect your chances in applying to universities.

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