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Why study IB TOK?

Because you have to!!

TOK is a compulsory part of the IBDP course. You will have a range of dedicated lessons for TOK and a committed learner will try to apply TOK in their subject lessons and will use their subject lessons to inform their TOK work.

But seriously, TOK is the subject that makes your grades better and makes your life at university easier. In a way, it is a little bit of a good university first year brought forward into school. The Theory of Knowledge course helps you to understand the different ways humans understand things and gets you to question ideas of what is true. This takes you through an experience of critical thinking which is one of the things distinguishes top students by both grades and intellectual ability.

The skills learned in ToK are immediately valuable to you at school, a great foundation for university and applicable throughout your life. TOK lessons are often given low importance by students. This is a mistake. Just because the TOK and EE together are only three marks does not devalue them. They are probably the two most important things you do in the diploma, especially if you’re going to university.

What happens in IB TOK?

The main and actually marked output is an oral presentation and a 1600 word essay. The IB releases a list of titles each year from which you must choose one. You cannot make up your own. In both these pieces of work you demonstrate your understanding of theory of knowledge such as what we know and how we know it. You use both your subject experiences from school/personal reading plus your life experiences to illustrate your points.

How do I use TOK for my university application?

The grade itself won’t count but you can use it to write a great personal statement/application essay. If your course requires an interview it will help you perform better there as well. Speak to us about how you use your TOK skills across these other crucial areas. It is a foundational course of learning.

For more information on specific university requirements to different countries see our UCAS page and our US Admissions pages. Then come and see us.

How can ITS help?

Since 2005 we have been helping thousands of students at our schools in Hong Kong and since 2012 online across the world. We help you in a number of key ways:

  • our expert tutors support your learning by helping you refine your topic and review your chosen real-life situation to make sure it allows you to engage in thoughtful and intellectually rigorous claims and counter-claims. We work with you to choose your question for the essay and brainstorm ideas for the presentation. We discuss the relevant issues that answer the questions raised and through this discussion you are in a position to write and map out drafts. Remember we are here to support, encourage and guide you, not do the work for you. The value of ToK is the learning.
  • tutorials with us are tailored to your needs – a student trying to get a mid-mark is treated differently to one wanting a top mark
  • we have IB examiners who have helped develop all our support programmes
  • as a guide, tuition for TOK presentations and essays would normally range from 5-10 lessons each.
  • alternatively, if you have a draft you would like to discuss and get feedback and advice on ready for submission, you can book lessons just for that. This usually takes no more than 3 sessions. There is no free trial in this case.

**50% off trial Lesson conditions

  • 1 trial lesson per NEW subject booked.
  • Cannot be used for internal assessment or Extended Essays.
  • Subject to both tutor and lesson availability.

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