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The UK International GCSE is an internationally recognized, publicly-examined secondary school (middle/high school) qualification accepted by educational institutions worldwide. Usually taken at about age 16, the main purpose is to provide access to final high school years or to a more vocational pathway such as college or training courses.

Online International GCSE study is particularly suited to those who:

  • are seeking to go to a UK boarding school to complete their A-levels;
  • cannot access other schools to complete their IGCSEs or equivalent qualifications;
  • face mobility problems that make it difficult for them to attend mainstream schooling;
  • do not wish to attend overseas boarding schools to complete their secondary education;
  • are studying other syllabuses & wish to add an additional subject to improve their portfolio; are home learner students not enrolled in other full-time secondary school.

In addition to providing International GCSE access, ITS will assist with counseling to determine and apply for onward pathways such as school applications or accessing ITS A-levels.

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Available subjects (external links to Pearson):

Note: Students can either come to Hong Kong to sit their exams at ITS or we will help organize an alternate venue more locally. We will help you to decide the best option depending on factors such as which country you live in, which passport you hold, what your budget is, what time you have available and what other exam venues may exist near you.

Important points to consider when choosing IGCSE subjects:

Pathways - Make sure that the subjects you are choosing are appropriate to achieve the next step on your desired pathway e.g. going to a top boarding school. If you are taking all your International GCSEs with ITS, this is less important as you will likely have a wide range and your options will still be open. However, if you are taking a narrow range for time or budget reasons or to add on to other schooling then think carefully about which subjects you need and why. Get your goal clear in your head and then work back from there to see what you need to do to achieve it.

Enjoyment – Try to choose subjects you think you will enjoy doing. Even if you are good at a certain subject, you might not actually enjoy it. If you look forward to lessons, chances are you will approach them confidently and enthusiastically and happily undertake your additional personal study. The end result is that you will likely gain much better exam results. If you don't enjoy a subject you should seriously question why you are considering it. That said, everyone should take Maths and English at International GCSE level. They are necessary for most further options.

Research – Look carefully at the syllabuses for the subjects you intend to choose. Edexcel provides ALL the information you can think of for International GCSE.

Strengths – Read through the syllabuses for subjects you are considering doing to see whether they play to your strengths and your enjoyment [see above]. 

Workload – Another good reason to read through the syllabuses of each subject you are considering is to check how they are assessed. How much coursework is there? How many tests/exams are there? Are there any practical assessments? How much reading is likely? These all effect how many hours of study you will need to put in. This is very important if you are still at school and adding on a subject[s] with ITS.

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