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Émilie L.

French Teacher

Qualifications :

S.E.D., F.L.E.

Subjects :




Helping people, regardless of the audience, has always been a vocation for Émilie. She started with a career as a psychiatric nurse with an audience of people of multiple disabilities. This was followed with a transition to social work as an educator with children and teenagers placed by assistance for children. After a few years in the medico-social field, she decided to take a year off to go around the world and visited almost 40 countries. She had a big crush on Hong Kong - its culture its people, its landscapes. Firmly determined to come to live here, she resumed her studies in France to become a teacher of French Foreign Language and returned to HK in 2019 where she has taught French ever since. She enjoys all aims whether beginners or to pass DELF, IB, IGCSE exams or just for fun!

On becoming a teacher:

During one of my trips to Myanmar, I became a godmother of an orphanage for which I created an associative group. The goal was to travel with the country’s current situation in mind and not just to be a tourist: I had to help the population. Teachers, doctors, athletes, all kinds of profiles joined me. Everyone had the opportunity to help in their own way: checking the children’s health, cooking, teaching English, etc. I created 3 English group classes and homework support so the project could be maintained even when I was out of the country. My vocation was born in Myanmar!

I love to see the progress of my students, especially when I follow them over the long term. I am proud to hear them say that they have validated the levels of the Delf or their exam! It’s rewarding for them as much as it is for me. Every class is like a new day, I never get bored with my students.

Other interests that reflect on my personality as a teacher:

I think that my personal and professional background reflects, as much as it can, my personality as a teacher and it is in a logical continuity.

A person I find inspirational and why:

Maria Montessori is a woman who has inspired me from the beginning of my career. She was a doctor and a teacher. She developed a method based on an educational pedagogy that advocates knowledge as an essential factor. Montessori pedagogy is an alternative educational method based on self-confidence, autonomy, experimentation and soft learning. Her pedagogy is recognized worldwide for its ability to develop the full potential of every child, who are aspiring adults. Her method has always proven itself to the various audiences with whom I have worked. Respecting each person’s learning pace and adapting to their pace is the key to success!

Top tip to younger self:

Don’t change anything because your experiences have done what you’ve become today. Follow your instinct and enjoy every minute.




Dulwich College Singapore

Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.

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