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Danny Harrington

Co-founder & Director

Qualifications :

M.A. (Oxford), DipHE (London), CELTA (RSA/Cambridge), UNITAR & UNSSC graduate

Subjects :

Philosophy, Geography, Religious Studies, TOK, SDG Education, Oxbridge Prep

Danny has a Masters in Geography from the University of Oxford. In more recent times he
completed, with Merit, a Diploma of Higher Education (equivalent to 2 years of Bachelor) in
Divinity from the University of London. He has the world's top EFL qualification from
RSA/Cambridge in which he was in the global top 10% of his graduating year. Most recently
has been accredited by UNITAR for the 2030 Agenda and was selected to two UN Systems
College courses from a huge global pool of applicants.

He has taught since 1997 and specializes in SDG Education, Geography, Oxbridge prep, Philosophy/Theory of Knowledge and Religious Studies.



Why I set up ITS the way I did: 

In the vast majority of schools, the learning model remains fairly close to what it was a hundred and fifty years ago: pupils watching a teacher at the front of a room. That is the reality of learning for most children. At ITS Education Asia, however, the idea is that education should be truly learner-centred and not just compatible with modern life but effective preparation for it.

Flexibility and accessibility are at the heart of what we do so that learners can either adapt a mainstream education or choose their own path with us. We innovate continuously to achieve these goals.

1st and only non-mainstream HK school accredited for IGCSE and IAL (2010)

1st HK provider of international school admissions support (2009)

1st HK school with fully virtual school option (2012)

1st HK school to offer UN recognized SDG Education (2020)


Our biggest development: 

Implementing SDG Education in 2020. By offering a route to not just learn about but implement action regarding the UN SDGs, we hope to facilitate the next generation avoiding the mistakes of the current and previous ones. At the same time they get to achieve the very highest level of personal development and create life stories that all top universities will admire.


Who I most admire:

Anybody who follows their dreams. People who choose everything. Those that take risks - whatever that may entail, it’s all relative.


Parting thought: 
Never forget the Golden Rule (look it up if you have to).

Dulwich College Singapore

Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.

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