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Dr. Aashima Mohindra

Biology Teacher

Qualifications :

M.D.S., B.D.S.

Subjects :

Biology, SAT/ACT

Aashima has been a part of ITS since 2012. She completed her Masters of Oral Pathology from Manipal University, India and taught there as an Assistant Professor for a year before moving to Hong Kong in 2011. At ITS, Dr. Aashima teaches biology to students of all levels, including UKCAT, BMAT and University Level.

Why I became a teacher: 
I am passionate about biology as it is a very intriguing subject and sharing my enthusiasm with students at the formative stage of their life is what motivated me to become a teacher. For me, teaching is about making my students interested in the subject and arousing their eagerness to learn about it rather than forcing it on them. My passion for being a teacher was driven by my own teachers when I attended school. I realised that I was more interested in those subjects for which the teachers themselves were enthusiastic and came up with creative ways of teaching the subject. Similarly, I always try to quote interesting facts or examples to my students and relate theoretical concepts with real-world applications to give them a practical context and to keep them interested. My motivation for being a teacher was further strengthened during my post-graduation, as we were often required to teach the young undergraduate students who were still exploring their foothold in life. While taking their classes, I realised that I was in a position where I could encourage and guide my students in the right direction, which is something I enjoyed.

What I most enjoy about teaching: 
Making a student enthusiastic about learning biology, helping students with different interests perform well academically and inculcating in them a confidence that reflects in their overall development is my ultimate goal. I have always believed that a good student is a reflection of a good teacher and that a good teacher should be both a guide and confidante for the student.

Other interests I have that reflect on my personality as a teacher: 
I have always been a detail oriented and organised person which helps me to sort my lesson plans in advance with my students to help them optimize their performance in school tests and exams. Also I have always followed and believed that extra-curricular development is of primary importance in overall development. I have always pursued my interest in art and crafts along with my studies. This allows me to use my creative energy and also increase my enthusiasm in academics.

Top tip to younger self: 
I tell my students that student life is the best phase in life - all that is required from them at that stage is a bit of focused dedication and hard work which can help shape their entire future. I wish that I could better realise the importance of the same when I was younger.

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