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Edward Ho

Vice-Principal, Economics And Business Teacher

Qualifications :


Subjects :

Business, Economics

Ed has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and a concentration degree in Philosophy with a minor in classics from the University of Alberta.  His honours paper was based on Phenomenology in Economics.  He has been teaching Business studies and Economics in Hong Kong for the past 15 years.  His 12 years experience in sales in the manufacturing industry, also provide unique insight on application of business tactics taught in the most curriculums.  Ed has also been extremely successful with common entrance examinations with students attending established UK schools such as Badminton, Cheltenham Ladies College, Eton, Harrow, Rugby, Stowe, Winchester, and Wycombe Abby etc.

On becoming a teacher:

When I graduated from University like many other Economic students I planned to work in the Finance field.  After three years with a large Canadian investment firm, I took a break from the finance industry to do some travelling.  Eventually landing in Taiwan where I taught English as a second language, and introductory courses for micro/macro economics. To my surprise I had a natural rapport with my students and a knack for teaching. I didn't realize how fulfilling it is to be a teacher.  Feeling a sense of pride when I in see my students succeed in there endeavours. Nor did I realize how enjoyable the interaction that I may have with my students.

From then on I said “Au revior” to the finance industry and focused on teaching. I find the viewpoints of my students fascinating with their curiosity and wonderment.  I take great joy introducing students to the world of Business and Economics.    I love discussing with students current business topics and how governments and other economic agents interact and compete.

Other interests:

Outside of teaching I enjoy surfing and boxing.  I take what I have learned from boxing and I apply it to how I teach.   In order to succeed in boxing, you have to train hard, and vigorously. You have to educate yourself on your opponents’ style, strengths, and weaknesses.  In education the opponent is the “EXAM”

Surfing is a great example of how nature is unpredictable.  In order to make the most of a wave a person has to practice constantly, and learn how to read the variables i.e. wind, swell strength, and shape of wave etc. For me Education is similar in that you have to constantly practice, and learn how to read the variables. IE curriculum, nation of the examination board, patterns etc. I have a tendency to use past papers in my classes.

An admirable person:

I can't say that I only admire just ONE person,   My admiration is open to any person who have followed their dreams and have work tirelessly to achieve their dreams even through adversity. That said, the person I admire the most in the field of Economics would be Friedrich Von Hayek.  I'm not a pure monetarist nor do I preach the works of John Maynard Keynes.  I admire Von Hayek because he argued and illustrated other options to influence the economy.  His work on the theory of money and the business cycle has changed how governments apply their economic policies.

In Business I admire Bill Gates.  Whether you like Microsoft or not does not matter, I find few people who are not impressed on how Microsoft became the dominant firm that it is today.   Gates ability to sense that real value was in software and not hardware.  His competitive and aggressive behaviour coupled with his sense of vision lead Microsoft to eliminate or acquire his competitors. 

Top tip to younger self:

“If I could turn back time” is a song sung by the artist CHER.  It's OK, I am not a big fan but I won't turn off the radio if the song comes up.   However if I were to give my younger self some advice.  It would be to invest more in yourself for true dividend gains.  Investments in self leads to paradigm shifts from excuses to success.

Ed Ho comes aboard as our new Vice Principal. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Economics, with a minor in Geography. Ed has been teaching for over 15 years, and specializes in Economics, Business Studies and Geography at all levels; and English & Mathematics up to GCSE. Prior to ITS, Ed spent more than a decade working in business development for a manufacturing firm.

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