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Pragya Trivedi

Biology & Chemistry Teacher

Qualifications :

Ph.D., M.Sc.

Subjects :

Chemistry, Biology

Pragya has both a Ph.D and Masters degree in Microbiology. After graduation she worked as a quality control microbiologist followed by her preferred work as a microbiology lecturer. In 2002 she was headhunted as a research fellow for the Defence Research and Development Organization in India. She has participated in a number of research projects and is a published scientist. She then moved to Hong Kong and took a time off to raise two children. She returned to teaching in 2015 and joined ITS in 2017. Pragya also became accredited by the UN CC-Learn, in 2021, for SDG related climate and ecosystem content which she uses when teaching our sustainability programmes. 

Why did you become a teacher? 
I started working very early and my first work was teaching. I was tutoring chemistry to younger students while I was in college for undergraduate studies. Initial motivation was to earn some extra pocket money but soon I realised this is my kind of work. It made me happy, fulfilled and proud. 

My interest in teaching and my teaching skills developed with various guest lessons delivered here and there before and during my doctoral studies.

I still remember the last day of my University, when all my classmates had a chance to talk about their dream professions. I was one of them who wanted to be teacher and I am glad I am doing what I enjoy.

Sense of fulfilment and contribution to society in teaching is what really draws me to this profession.

My teaching philosophy is to meet every student where they are at, and help them to find a way to their farther horizon. I firmly believe struggle is essence of learning, and there are times students get stuck, as an educator my job is to help them to get unstuck but after that student must be given their pen back. Ensuring that they own their learning is crucial to develop self reliance and academic success.

What do you most enjoy about teaching? 
Teaching is more than just ‘work for paycheck’. I enjoy those ‘AHA’ moments which brings smile on student’s face when they finally get the concept. 

Seeing your work have a direct positive impact on someone is great and truly satisfying.

What other interests do you have that reflect on your personality as a teacher?
I like to travel, I like to meet new people also. Seeing the world gives education and perspective impossible to get anywhere else.

In your field of study, which person do you most admire and why?
Hard to decide but Rosalind Franklin-a brilliant scientist who discovered structure of DNA which started a whole new Era and Edward Jenner who is father of immunology which forms the base of medical science.

An inspirational person: 
Martin Luther King Jr. He proved that dreams can come true and his vision allowed an equal opportunity for many and brought little more harmony in world.

Top tip to younger self: 
“Success is no accident - it’s hard work + courage and perseverance”

Dulwich College Singapore

Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.

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