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Swagata Roy

Teacher Of Psychology

Qualifications :

Ph.D., M.Sc., CertTESOL

Subjects :


Swagata has a wealth of experience in both teaching and academia. She is widely published in prestigious scientific journals and has both research and clinical experience. She has taught for over ten years at both undergraduate and high school level, including 3 years at international school teaching the same Pearson International A-level course taught at ITS.

On becoming a teacher:

I chose to become a teacher because I have always found learning an exciting journey.  Teaching for me is a unique opportunity to discover knowledge.  Through teaching Psychology, I can explore the diversities and complexities of the human mind and behaviour with my students.  Students can carry this knowledge beyond the classrooms and develop into more confident and inquisitive individuals.

Given the relevance of Psychology to everyday life, teaching this subject is always exciting and rewarding.  As a teacher of Psychology, I get a chance to motivate my students and encourage their efforts through positive reinforcements. I enjoy the discussions with my students, who are often from diverse backgrounds and can discover new perspectives on human behaviour. 


Other interests that reflect on my personality as a teacher:

I have a passion for reading. Besides reading for pleasure, I enjoy studying the latest journals and publications in Psychology and related disciplines. My areas of interest include Moral Psychology and decision-making behaviours.  I also enjoy travelling as this gives me an opportunity to explore different cultures and people.

People I find inspirational and why:

B.F.Skinner. He was a visionary who suggested that human behaviour was determined by the consequence of an action. Skinner identified the importance of positive reinforcements on behaviour. His ideas influenced the field of education and is widely used across the world to shape behaviours. He favoured active learning and advocated that the student should not be a passive recipient of information when the teacher lectures. This interactive approach makes learning more engaging and fun.

Malala Yousafzai. She is a strong lady whose commitment to improving the lives of girls is truly inspirational.  Despite being so young she had the courage to fight for what she believed in. Although she has many achievements, she continues to be a humble, kind and down-to-earth person.


Top tip to younger self:

Never give up.  Quoting Albert Einstein:  “You never fail until you stop trying.”

Dulwich College Singapore

Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.

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