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SAT and ACT Preparation

SAT 與 ACT 預備班

SAT/ACT scores are an essential ingredient of US university applications. ITS helps students conquer these with effective preparation. We offer flexible private lessons and regular small group classes.

Students who work with ITS improve their SAT scores by 200+ points or achieve 1400+ / ACT scores by 6+ points or achieve 30+

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US University Admissions Consulting

ITS helps students and parents tailor their application master narrative, helping students identify their academic passions and gain admission into universities. We help students identify and elicit their passions, in all range of interests from arts and humanities to business and science. ITS students have gained admission to the most prestigious schools (Harvard, Stanford, MIT…) and to the very best specialized universities (Parson’s, Cooper Union, Georgia Tech).

It’s never too early to begin preparing your child’s profile to optimize their potential:

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Applying to top US universities this fall?
Review your application with a former Harvard admissions committee member!

For students applying to any of the top US universities, ITS provides a two-session workshop for students to get meaningful feedback before submitting their applications. Get your application reviewed by a former member of Harvard admissions committees, Dr. Richards. Learn insights that can shape your applications to be as competitive as possible. Edit them, come back and review them before you send them off.

Two 90-minute sessions. Parents welcome.

Price: 7,800 HKD

We recommend the Ivy Application Review for anyone applying to these universities: Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Columbia, Penn, Brown, Cornell, Dartmouth, Stanford, UChicago, Caltech, Carnegie Mellon, Johns Hopkins, MIT, Duke, Rice, UC Berkeley, UCLA, Parsons, Cooper Union, RISD. We recommend them no later than 3 weeks before the application deadline!

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