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Physics resources for IGCSE or GCSE students

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Revision sheets for IGCSE or GCSE physics. This series revision sheets are based on the IGCSE & GCSE syllabuses. Lots of formulas, definitions and key points to learn off. There are also accompanying test sheets to check your memorisation.

The idea is read the information and than print the quiz sheet and try the questions.

Physics exercise

Revision Exercise five:

Energy resources and energy transfer

Energy transfer

forms of energy: thermal (heat), light, electrical, sound, kinetic, chemical, nuclear and potential (elastic and gravitational)

Conservation of energy : energy is never created or destroyed, it changes from one form to another.

Unit of energy: joule (J)

efficiency = useful energy output / total energy output energy transfer may take place by conduction, convection and radiation

Edmund Becquerel
(Discovered solar energy)

Work and power

work done = force × distance moved

× d

work done is equal to energy transferred

gravitational potential energy = mass × × height

GPE = × × h

kinetic energy = ½ × mass × speed2

KE = ½ × × v2

power is  rate of transfer of energy or the rate of doing work

power = work done / time taken

W/ t

Energy resources and electricity generation

electricity generation uses:

renewable and non-renewable resources


  • wind
  • water
  • geothermal resources
  • solar heating systems
  • solar cells

non-renewable resources

  • fossil fuels
  • nuclear power (but not in danger of running out)

Quiz for revision exercise five: Energy quiz

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