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Physics resources for IGCSE or GCSE students

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Revision sheets for IGCSE or GCSE physics. This series revision sheets are based on the IGCSE & GCSE syllabuses. Lots of formulas, definitions and key points to learn off. There are also accompanying test sheets to check your memorisation. 

The idea is read the information and than print the quiz sheet and try the questions.

Robert Hooke
Robert Hooke

Revision Exercise two:

Forces and Motion

At terminal velocity the gravitational force down equals the air resistance force up.

vehicle stopping distance depends on the speed squared.

moment = force × perpendicular distance from pivot

weight of a body acts through its centre of gravity

principle of moments: in equalibrium clockwise moments equal anticlockwise

Hooke’s law: the force is proportional to the extension

True for the initial linear region of a force - extension graph

pressure = force / Area   unit: (P) Pascal

pressure at a point in a gas or liquid acts equally in all directions

pressure in a liquid = height × density × g

p = h× ρ × g

Quiz for revision exercise two: Forces and motion quiz two

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