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2023 Youth Ambassador Asia‐Pacific Programme Application Page

UNITAR graduation with Danny Harington and Sean Lai

Please read these simple terms & conditions and then complete the application form.

  1. ITS Education Asia, partnered with UNITAR, shall provide the Youth Ambassador Asia-Pacific Programme (the “Programme”) to be taught online. The Course shall be taught to students aged 14-17 who will not finish their schooling before November 2024.
  2. The course will occur on 10 consecutive Saturdays beginning 23rd September 2023 and ending 25th November 2023. Weeks 1-9 the session will run at 10am to 1pm Hong Kong time. Week 10 is graduation day and will run from 1pm to 5pm HKT.
  3. Applicants will clear their diaries for the 10 Saturdays and prioritize attendance. Failure to attend more than 2 sessions will mean failing to graduate.
  4. Applicants are advised wherever possible to use a proper sized tablet, laptop or desktop with a good stable internet connection in a quiet and private location for the Saturday sessions. Applicants without great digital resources are welcome to apply and should let us know their circumstances so we can see what support might be available.
  5. Applicants should understand that the graduation requirement is based on delivering a 7 minute pitch of their ideas to deal with a sustainability issue. The graduation day event will take place in Hong Kong and depending on location the course attendee's pitch might be delivered online or in- person. There is no expectation to fly to Hong Kong from overseas (which would be against the spirit of sustainability).
  6. Applicants should understand that there will be in-course deadlines to submit work and in-course requirements to attend smaller group or individual mentoring sessions. Failure to make deadlines or attend mentoring sessions will mean failing to graduate.
  7. This is an Asia-Pacific course and all attendees must be residing in an Asia-Pacific country for the full duration of the course.
  8. All applications must be supported by a referee who must not be related to the applicant and who must be able to reference the applicant's experiences and abilities with regard to: attendance, diligence, research ability, and knowledge of sustainability. They will also be aware of any and all social/community work & activities the applicant is involved in. The referee will usually be a school teacher but applicants not attending traditional schools may still apply and find a different appropriate referee.
  9. Referees must be willing to be contacted for a follow-up of the reference and should be prepared to attend the graduation day either in person, if they reside in Hong Kong, or online from other locations.
  10. Fees:
    (i) The cost of the Programme is USD900 per attendee, priced on a not-for-profit cost recovery basis.
    (ii) Invoices will be issued by ITS and only to successful applicants.
    (ii) The fee can be paid to ITS in USD or in HKD at HK$7200 per attendee. ITS will be responsible for disbursing costs.
    (iii) Fees are non-refundable.
    (iv) Fees may be paid by the applicant, the school or shared. In the case that you are sharing the fees, please mark the school in the form below. The school will be invoiced by ITS and will pay ITS in full. It is then up to the applicant to reimburse the school whichever amount has been agreed between them.
  11. The timeline is:
    (i) Applications to be received by 6pm HKT on Friday 1st September 2023.
    (ii) Invoices will be issued to either schools or applicants depending on the preference indicated.
    (iii) Payment must be received by 15th September 2023 to secure the place.
  12. Where multiple applications are received from students of the same school, selection will be made based on the merit of the application information and/or communication with the referee. In any case, no more than two applicants will be accepted who are attending any one school.
  13. The content of the Programme will follow the scheme of work indicated in the document "UNITAR Youth Ambassador Asia‐Pacific Programme 2023".
  14. ITS and UNITAR are responsible for provision of resources.
  15. ITS and UNITAR make no guarantee that attendance of the Course will lead to students achieving certification.


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