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2022 Youth Ambassador Asia‐Pacific Programme Nomination Entries

UNITAR graduation with Danny Harington and Sean Lai

Please read the simple terms & conditions and then complete the nomination form for either one two nominees per school

  1. ITS Education Asia, partnered with UNITAR shall provide the Youth Ambassador Asia-Pacific Programme (the “Programme”) to be taught online. The Course shall be taught to students from Years 9 through 12 on 10 consecutive Saturdays beginning at the end of September 2022.
  2. Fees:
    (i) The cost of the Programme is USD900 per attendee, priced on a not-for-profit cost recovery basis
    (ii) Schools can elect to pay the fees or ask the nominees to pay themselves
    (iii) The fee can be paid to ITS in HKD at HK$7000 per attendee. ITS will be responsible for disbursing costs.
    (iv) Fees are non-refundable.
  3. The School shall be responsible for enrolling the student(s) for the Programme by completing the online nomination form below. The timeline is:
    (i) Nominations to be received by 9th September 2022.
    (ii) Invoices will be issued to either schools or nominees depending on the preference indicated.
    (iii) Payment must be received by 20th September 2022 to secure the place.
  4. The content of the Programme will follow the scheme of work indicated in the document "UNITAR Youth Ambassador Asia‐Pacific Programme 2022"
  5. ITS and UNITAR are responsible for provision of resources.
  6. ITS and UNITAR make no guarantee that attendance of the Course will lead to students achieving certification.
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