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The ITS Education Asia Foundation’s core mission is based on bringing sustainability education to all. We do this with a range of in-person and online activities including YCI, UNITAR Youth Ambassador Asia-Pacific Programme and school workshops.

The resources below, launched in 2022, are the first step to building a large and varied library of sustainability information, be they case studies, documents or links to many of the world’s foremost sustainability organizations, big and small. It can be used by anyone researching sustainability be it for school or university studies, or for work. As this grows, we will commit to more complex cross-referencing and indexing. For now, either browse/search the page, or use a quick link to go down to a particular section.

If you have a resource or use a resource that you think should be listed, please do not hesitate to submit to [email protected] with “SDG library” in the subject.

If you would like to link to this resource, please name & credit as follows:
Sustainability & SDG Research Library, The ITS Education Asia Foundation

My thanks at this launch point goes to the UN Systems Staff College and all my fellow course attendees of the “Circular Economy and the 2030 Agenda, 2021” who provided the inspiration and many of the first links.

Danny Harrington, January 2022

Sustainable business case studies:

Dealing with toxic waste in agriculture
CampoLimpio(SM)* program is an environmental solution for the empty pesticide containers utilized in agriculture. CropLife Latin America is promoting this program in 18 Latin American countries, where the program is carried out by National Associations with the participation of producers, importers, authorities, distributors and farmers.

Case study of a very specific product (manhole covers) being dealt with from a wholes life point of view.

Motivations adapted from sitra British Columbia [pdf]

Plastics in healthcare
NSW, Australia case study on planning for removal of plastics in the healthcare sector

Biofuels in developing economies
A case study from Kenya

Wooden skyscrapers
Canadian case study

Eco—i Manual: Eco-innovation implementation process [pdf]
To introduce a methodology for the implementation of eco-innovation within small and medium sized companies in developing and emerging economies. The intended audience of this manual is organizations that provide professional consulting services (referred to in this manual as the ‘Service Provider’) to inform, guide and support manufacturing companies to improve their sustainability performance as a strategy for developing new business models.

Business Models in the Circular Economy Concepts, Examples and Theory [pdf]

Case study of water management in Australia

Case study - the impact illegal oil refining on the environment in the Niger delta region.

Wastepickers case study
Good article in the world resources Institute about SWaCH Pune Seva Sahakari Sanstha (SWaCH), India’s first fully worker-owned cooperative of self-employed waste-collectors.

Microsoft Sustainability Executive playbook 2021 [pdf]
This executive playbook – commissioned by Microsoft and authored by EY – is designed to help business leaders identify how sustainable transformation, and specifically the reduction of carbon emissions, can benefit business as well as the environment.


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