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Arthur Cheung

Website: www.sdgxedu.org
Email: [email protected]


About Me

From personal experience, modern education, even in a highly developed metropolis like Hong Kong, continues to be exam oriented. Especially, in the education of middle-school years, there is an investment into personal studies classes - but in many schools, these classes stop once students enter high school. The result is a lack of return: an opportunity that could be capitalized.

My goal in founding SDGxEdu is to alleviate this issue. I am passionate about sustainability in general and the SDGs in particular. I believe everything is underpinned by education and seek to do what I can to remedy the issues in this area.

Project Description

SDGxEDU aims to bring SDG education to high-school with an eventual goal of embedding it in curriculums globally. Numerous schools already teach social, economic, political and environmental sustainability, but these topics often remain unlinked. By using the SDG framework - which has become integral to society due to ever-prominent global issues - SDGxEdu will promote and practice sustainable education by delivering a more holistic learning experience to students using youth-led peer-to-peer methods. The ultimate mission for SDGxEdu is to incubate a generation of ambitious, responsible, action-oriented global citizens. SDGxEdu will run pilot lessons at the KGV School for Years 7 to 9.

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