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Alvin Wong

Website: marchtoyourbeat.hk

March to Your Beat

About Me

Alvin Wong is the Founder of “March to Your Beat.” A percussionist himself, he seeks to share the joy of music with special needs youth. In the past, he has delivered talks at many events, such as Catalyst 2030 and InvestHK. He has published various articles, some which have been featured at the United Nations conferences. His services impacted various universities, schools, and special needs’ organizations.

Project Description

Over 25,000 people are ASD diagnosed in Hong Kong, but there are only eight schools aimed to support their social development. Since 2020, March to Your Beat (MYB) is a youth-led non-profit community organization that has offered percussion-based music therapy sessions to youth, aged 5 to 17, diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). I am working to develop percussion-based exercises, and pilot them so that other young musicians can conduct therapy for their peers with ASD. The initial target is to benefit youth with ASD across Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area.

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