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About Me

I started this journey when I was 16. I wanted to contribute to society and promote the idea of a more sustainable future. I created Carbon Neutral to embrace youth-led projects that combat carbon emissions. The youth are the next generation of humans, we need to advocate sustainable development in order to preserve the future of this planet.

Project Description

HK has committed to carbon neutrality by 2060 with an ideal date of 2050. Governments around the region are aligning on similar timeframes. Carbon Neutral (CN) is a high-school student-led initiative that aims to survey existing technologies and nature-based solutions in carbon capture so that they can be implemented by youth in Hong Kong/China and subsequently across Southeast Asia. Additionally, we intend to create a community of passionate like-minded youth through offering opportunities of involvement to schools for our projects, advocating the importance of the SDGs and collaborating with other student-led initiatives.

Carbon Neutral predominantly aims to promote nature-based solutions for carbon offsetting to pursue our net-zero ambitions through different channels. The Carbon Neutral Podcast is an informative discussion based platform that provides insights and inquires deeper into individual youth initiatives. On the blog, we provide relevant and up to date research and information about new technologies as well as provide updates on the progression of Carbon Neutral.

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