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Conrad Cheung

About Me

My name is Conrad Chung. I am currently in my last year of high school, studying in the UK. My interests encompass a variety - from skateboarding to photography to films and books. However, I am most passionate about technology and it's ever-changing role in the world. This led me to develop websites and code apps that I use to show my passions.

About my initiative:

Smome was a way for me to incorporate my love for technology and design with my aim to bring about increasing awareness for the environment. My project explains the technology of smart homes and their efficiency and their impact on the climate through their exponential effects on a large scale. This advocation of smart home technology is demonstrated on my website through logical and clear arguments, as well as having provided statistical evidence for its effects. I was able to incorporate bits of my passions (photography) into the website which I found to be really fun. This website helps mostly people who live in metropolises - such as Hong Kong. Through my photography, I have seen many people leave massive amounts of carbon footprint needlessly, and I wanted to come up with a project that helps solve this issue through making one simple purchase.

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