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Mental Health Means

About Me

I am Natalie Cheung, a secondary school student at the Chinese International School of Hong Kong. I am aspiring to become a psychologist, in the clinical, educational or forensic fields. As an individual with congenital hearing loss on my left ear, I am also impassioned to reduce the stigmas surrounding the SEN (special educational needs) and people with health conditions or impairments.

Project Description

My YCI initiative is called Mental Health Means. The mental health discussion in society is still stigmatized, particularly amongst young adolescents. Hence, my initiative aims to bring together individuals and organizations to tackle the stigmas and misconceptions within SDGs 3: Good Health and Wellbeing and 4: Quality Education, by means of encouraging conversations between adolescents, parents/guardians and educators. I am continuing the journey I started during the Youth Ambassador Asia-Pacific programme to bring this project to life. On May 27th 2023, I hosted a 2023 Hong Kong Youth-led Mental Health Conference at CIS. The event was a huge success and has given me hope and motivation to continue my work as a mental health advocate.

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