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Winky Wang

Website: https://www.cantokids.org/
Email: [email protected]

Canto Kids

About Me

My name is Winky and I’m currently in S6. I have a profound passion for politics, literature and sociology, and believe education to be the link between these areas, and is a method to initiate social changes. I enjoy reading and writing, as well as debating, and occasionally baking. I am going to study education at an undergraduate level at the University of Cambridge this fall, and my ambition is to contribute to the formulation of education policies, and the overall changes to the education systems both in Hong Kong and globally.

Project Description

Seeing ethnic minority children in Hong Kong often forced to adapt to the local curriculum without sufficient support for learning Chinese as a second language, I started my initiative "CantoKids" as part of the Global Map of SDG Actions. The project works around SDG Goal 4 and 10 with equalizing opportunity as its ultimate goal. It works by making the process of learning Cantonese easier by providing accessible materials online and organizing summer Cantonese classes.

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