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Claudia Yin

About Me

I'm Claudia, a sociable, language and culture-loving teen from Hong Kong. As an avid language learner, I discovered that simply learning another language could open doors for my future, and give me the chance to live in a foreign country and possibly work there! Having seen my own friends struggle to take hold of what they want in the future, simply because of their lack of confidence or knowledge in a language, I decided to make it my personal mission to ensure that all students are given the right opportunities to succeed in any work environment despite language barriers they may face, as well as enriching their personal experience through cultural exchange and friendship.

Project Description

The ability to learn a language is a privilege, but it shouldn't be. This is the foundation upon which MingleLingo was built. MingleLingo seeks to connect language learners and create online bilingual pairings, which reduces costs and makes learning any language easier, so anyone will be able to go after their wildest dreams with one less worry— a language barrier. Our goal, here at MingleLingo, is to empower students and give them a chance to change their own future, as well as someone else's. Who's to say that they won't make a friend on the way?

Our summer goal in 2020 is to develop a sustainable language exchange sessions’ framework, with student participants primarily based in Hong Kong. The eventual goal is to develop a more robust matching system, and a fully-integrated online platform for student-based language exchange. Hopefully, MingleLingo will become a platform which can provide students with basic skills to become successful in their future careers.

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