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Australia: No more soggy sandwich: New study calls for schools to prepare and provide lunches on campus

By ITS Education Asia

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This article from Australia reports on a new study from Flinders University that recommends universal delivery of lunch provided by schools could boost both childhood nutrition and learning in Australia.

"A universal school-provided lunch model could help to ensure all children have access to food at school, reduce stigma of children not having lunch or having different types of foods to their peers, and help to ensure children are provided with healthy lunch options," said deputy director of Flinders Caring Futures Institute, Professor Rebecca Golley. says.

Published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, researchers looked at what kids aged five to 12 ate during school hours. They found 40 per cent of the energy kids consumed was from unhealthy food.

This study raises some interesting issues not just for Australian children and governments but for Education authorities around the globe.  Should it be the responsibility of governments to provide school lunches or is this money better spent on targeted programs for those who actual are in need?



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