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Pre - IB Course

The Pre-IB course gives students a head start before starting the Diploma in Year 12. It provides a framework on how to study subject choices effectively and to understand what the Extended Essay is. This encourages all IB students to start early with their planning so they do not get overwhelmed during the first term of studies. Our expert teachers and IB examiners will provide insight on how an IB lesson is normally taught.

Why take our IB course?

  • bridge the gap from Year 11 to Year 12
  • understand the demands of the IB Diploma
  • take the pressure off the first weeks of Year 12
  • helps to make/finalise your IB subject choices


Block 1: $1500 (three subjects in the morning)
Students who are Enroled in Block 1 can choose any 3 classes from the table below

Block 2: $1000 (Two subjects in the afternoon)
Students who are Enroled in Block 2 can choose any 2 classes from the table below
*Other subjects can be included upon request, subject to teacher’s availability*

August Session 9am to 12pm Book your individual timeslots now
Morning Session
Block 1 (3,4,5) Acing Science & Humanities
9 to 10
10 to 11
11 to 12
Afternoon Session
Block 2 (1,2) Acing Languages
1 to 2
2 to 3

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Pre-Uni Courses

The long summer between the end of school and start of summer is a great time to combine relaxing, a sense of freedom, some work experience, some travel and so on. But there is the time, especially once you have results from examinations, when you have to seriously get back into the swing of study and look forward to university. One of the biggest differences as you hit uni is that there is a lot less hand-holding. You take far more responsibility for your learning than at school. These courses are an ideal way to get back into the study frame of mind and also begin covering the kind of content you’re going to need. Get a head start.

Introduction to Accounting

Suitable for people undertaking degrees in:

  • Accounting
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Business
  • Management
  • Economics, or
  • Those interested in learning some basic accounting
Lesson Title Details
1 How to be a successful accounting/business student Look at the skills essential to survive and prosper in the first year of a relevant degree.
2 Introduction to Financial Accounting I 2 lessons looking at Financial Accounting essential for total business overviews
3 Introduction to Financial Accounting II
4 Introduction to Cost & Management Accounting I 2 lessons looking at Cost & Management Accounting essential for assessing departments within businesses.
5 Introduction to Cost & Management Accounting II

Introduction to Medicine

Suitable for people undertaking degrees in:

  • Medicine
  • Medical Science
  • Dentistry
  • Surgery
  • Veterinary sciences
  • Pharmacology
Lesson Title Details
1 Biology Fundamentals Review fundamentals of human and microbiology relevant to medicine to understand the biology behind the topics that follow.
2 Research Skills Introduction to laboratory techniques & research fundamentals. PCR, Gel Electrophoresis, Flow Cytometry. Record keeping, organization, planning, and data presentation.
3 Human Disease Overview of common human diseases and the molecular/biological mechanisms behind them.
4 Presentation Skills Delivering a good presentation and the fundamentals required to do so. Doctors are often required to present and communicate effectively to peers.
5 Organic Chemistry and Medicines Common medicines relating to the diseases in section three, and the organic chemistry behind them.

Introduction to Mathematics

Suitable for people undertaking degrees in:

  • Mathematics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Computer Science
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Psychology
  • Business
  • Commerce
Lesson Title Details
1 How to be a successful math student Skills for studying 1st year mathematics. Introduce some basic applications of excel and math online software
2 Limits of continuity Introduce the limit notation and investigate the continuity of a function
3 Introduction to Differentiation Differentiate functions with chain, product and quotient rules
4 Introduction to Integration Rewriting an algebra fraction into partial fractions and integrate function using reverse chain rule
5 Introduction to Matrix Operation on Matrix and solving Linear Algebra systems

Introduction to Law

Suitable for people undertaking degrees in:

  • Law (LLB or JD)
  • B-Law
  • G-Law
  • A-Law
Lesson Title Details
1 How to be a Successful Law Student Look at skills essential to survive the first year in law school, argumentative writing
2 Introduction to Criminal Law Criminal Liability, guilty state of mind, criminal Law cases
3 Introduction to Tort Law Duty of care, personal injury cases
4 Introduction to Contract Law The importance of contracts, technical cases
5 Specialized fields in Law & Controversial Cases Popular fields of law in HK/ UK, interesting cases, controversial cases

All four courses are being offered in one-to-one format to allow flexibility for students to choose days, times and timeframe (e.g. in one week or over 5 weeks). It also allows more tailored focus on particular degree choice and individual strengths and weaknesses.

We are offering this at HALF PRICE of just HK$750 per hour.

Total HK$3,750 per course.

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