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Dressmaking, Sewing and Fashion Design classes in Hong Kong

In 2022, a Hong Kong film Crew shot Fa in action for Use in a new series coming in 2023.

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ITS Fashion on TV!!

French reality TV show Les Anges worked with ITS to provide a fashion challenge for contestants. Course leader Fa Harrington features in episode 82, shown in France in October 2020 and available on YouTube.

Fa Fashion Project is a small, local Hong Kong, fashion company where you can:

  • join a workshop to learn a variety of skills for making garments, shoes, bags & more
  • do sewing from basic to advanced levels
  • get to understand the design process & get help with your portfolio
  • go on a trip around Hong Kong's textile shops
  • get garments made to order or existing garments customized
  • attend a workshop to learn how to customize your clothes yourself

We hire a workspace at ITS Education Asia in Central and you can contact us direct or through ITS to talk to us about your needs. All workshops and training are available in English.

Timings are flexible and by agreement

Email: [email protected] / [email protected]
WhatsApp +85262558221

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NEW IN 2024: Needlepoint with Johan Verbruggen

Needlepoint, a form of embroidery using a threaded needle to create decorative stitches on fabric, offers many benefits for kids.

Firstly, it enhances fine motor skills and hand-eye co-ordination as well as dexterity. Secondly, it encourages patience and focus as children work on a project over time and must concentrate, follow patterns and pay attention to detail. This ability to stay engaged and focused often translates into improved concentration in other areas of life including school-work.

Of course it is also a creative outlet for self-expression. Participants can choose their own colours and patterns and allow their imaginations to flourish boosting confidence and nurturing artistic ability.

Pattern making courses

Young Learners Course Content

First lesson:

  1. Safety Lessons : Emphasize the significance of safety when working with needles, scissors and fabrics. Demonstrate proper handling of the tools ensuring pupils grasp needles near the blunt end and handle scissors correctly.
    Explain the importance of sitting in a comfortable position, using a thimble if necessary.

  2. Threading a Needle: Discuss the different types of needles used in needlepoint.
    Demonstrate how to secure the thread by tying a knot at the end. Show pupils how to hold the needle correctly and insert the thread through the eye of the needle. Provide tips and tricks to make threading easier, such as moistening the thread's end or using a self-made needle threader.

  3. Talk the students through all the materials used and introduce them to the first stitch.

  4. Throughout the entire course, handy tips will be taught to make their sewing experience more robust and efficient.

    Throughout the workshop...
    Each lesson 1 new stitch will be taught on a wooden sampler board.

    The students will be able to practice this stitch on a sampler piece of canvas.

    The end piece the students work on is a flower design and is used throughout the course. They decide themselves what part of the flower they want to apply each new stitch to and can choose the colour they use. The aim is for the pupils to use their imagination so the end piece will be an individual interpretation of the flower.

    The stitches on the agenda are: backstitch, half cross stitch, cross stitch, tent stitch, basket weave, long stitch, French knot and Bouillion knot.

    Price: $300/hour with flexible course length (usually 8-12 hours)

Johan Verbruggen

Johan has a rich family heritage of textile, lace, and embroidery manufacturing. The story begins with Johan's great-great-grandparents who founded a lacemaking business in the city of Lier, near Antwerp, Belgium, back in 1876. Their specialization included silk tulle hand-embroidered lace and petit-point, showcasing their expertise in artisanal needlepoint techniques.

Inspired by his upbringing surrounded by exquisite textiles and intricate embroidery, Johan pursued a career in design, working for renowned establishments such as Liberty of London and The Royal Collection Trust at Buckingham Palace.

Buckingham Palace commissioned Johan to design several Tapestry kits, including the Imperial State Crown, Welsh Daffodil, Scottish Thistle and the English Rose.

Since 2017, Johan is based in Hong Kong and has started passing on his embroidery skills through workshops and sewing events.

Adult Courses


In this workshop, you will learn the art of stitching various types of stitches, allowing you to add a personal touch to any needlepoint project. The workshop begins with the fundamentals, starting from setting up the frame and properly attaching the canvas to it.

In each lesson, you will acquire new stitching techniques. The original Warhol Cherry design, exclusively created using tent stitch, was commissioned by a UK magazine. Through this workshop, we will enhance the cushion by transforming it into a multi-textured design. You will have the freedom to decide how to make your project distinctive and one-of-a-kind and will be guided throughout the course to finish your stitching experience successfully.

Course costs HK$2200 for 4 x 2-hour sessions. Kit and frame (worth HK$1100 included)


The goal of this workshop extends beyond acquiring a new skill; it also aims to introduce you to a method of relaxation that can be practiced conveniently within the confines of your own home. Participants will learn to initiate a tapestry project and gain the knowledge needed to continue their progress beyond the duration of the course so that ultimately, they have a beautiful and unique piece they can enjoy for many years to come.

  1. Introduction and history
  2. Objectives, including meditative and mental benefits
  3. Introducing the needlepoint kit
  4. Prepare the project
  5. Learn 2 types of stitch (tent and basket-weave)
  6. 2 hours supervised stitching with tips and Q&A throughout

Course cost: HL$1500 including kit, and frame.

Ongoing workshops

1: Introduction to the Sewing Machine and Basic Sewing - for those who have never used the sewing machine before or have done only straight stitches. Further your sewing skills using both domestic sewing machine & over locker (serger), including how to sew a pocket with zipper, make a patch pocket and apply basic embellishment. To make the workshop even more exciting for beginners, students will learn how to make a tote bag which contains compartments inside and outside, using different stitches from domestic sewing machine. At the end of the series, they will have a tote bag made from their own idea and creativity.

5 sessions  (10 hrs) at HKD2080. (fabrics included) 

2: Basic skirt making  - learn to take body measurements, cut pattern and make foundational skirts [A-line skirt, pencil skirt, full-circular skirt, table skirt, flared skirt]. Learn how to make waistband, add zipper, lining and make hem. Basic embellishment may be possible.

Fabric choice dependent on student ability.

Make 1 skirt in 5 sessions (10 hrs) at HKD2080
Make 2 skirts in 10 sessions (20 hrs) at HKD3750

3: Intermediate skirt making- learn to make pattern for pleats, gores, godets, yokes and other style details. We will help you match pattern to design. All fabrics allowed except chiffon or any transparent fabric.

Join this workshop after completing 'Basic skirt making' or by demonstrating sufficient skill

Make 1 skirt in 5 sessions (10 hrs) at HKD2080
Make 2 skirts in 10 sessions (20 hrs) at HKD3750

4: Advanced skirt-making - for those who want to develop their own interest and talent, challenge themselves with complicated and sophisticated designs or even launch their own collection. Also suits fashion design students whether or not the design is from their own creation or high-brand inspiration. 

No fabric limits

Make 1 skirt in 5 sessions (10 hrs) at HKD2450
Make 2 skirts in 10 sessions (20 hrs) at HKD4400

5: Basic blouse making - learn to take body measurements, trace bodice block pattern and adjust to own body size. Make necklines & openings, front & back button stands, add details, change sleeve style e.g. kimono.

All made using your own measurements

Make 1 blouse in 6 sessions (12 hrs) at HKD2500 Make 2 blouses in 12 sessions (24 hrs) at HKD4500

6: Intermediate blouse making focusing on the collars - learn how to make various collars: bows, ruffle, shirt collar, Chinese mandarin collar, stand-up collar, turn over, flat collars etc. Plus you will learn how to join the sleeve to the bodice.

Make 1 blouse in 6 sessions (12 hrs) at HKD2800
Make 2 blouses in 12 sessions (24 hrs) at HKD5000

7: Intermediate blouse making, focusing on sleeves - must have prior knowledge and skill of sewing and pattern making or have completed basic blouse making. You will learn how to make a draped sleeve and a raglan sleeve.

Make 1 blouse in 6 sessions (12 hrs) at HKD2800
Make 2 blouses in 12 sessions (24 hrs) at HKD5000

8: Advanced blouse making course - applying tucks, draped collar, applying bead trimmings, all details. This is for those who want to develop their own interest, talent or even launch their own collection, or fashion design students whether or not the design is from their own creation or high-brand inspiration. 

Make 1 blouse in 6 sessions (12 hrs) at HKD2900
Make 2 blouses in 12 sessions (24 hrs) at HKD5250

9: Basic pant-making - the garment will be one pair of shorts, or one pair of trousers with classic cutting.

The course also includes block pattern making. All patterns and garments are designed and made by using your own measurements.

Make 1 pair in 5 sessions (10 hrs) at HKD2200

10: Intermediate pant-making - learn how to alter basic trouser block patterns to add higher level elements such as pleats or darts. Make 1 pair from own design. Choice to add belt or bow.

Must have pattern making and cutting skills prior to this workshop.

Make 1 pair in 7 sessions (14 hrs) at HKD3150

11: Basic dresses - learn how to make dresses with classic cutting line such as 'little black dress' and sheath dress. Apply variations in neckline and simple sleeves. Add facing, lining and zipper.

Sewing knowledge and skills needed prior to starting.

Make 1 dress in 8 sessions (16 hrs) at HKD3680
Make 2 dresses in 15 sessions (30 hrs) at HKD5800

12: Intermediate dress making - add favourite trimming and design elements. Work with off-shoulder, wrap around, cowl neck and shirt dresses. Long, short, 3/4 and puff sleeves.

Take 'Basic dress making' or demonstrate ability prior to starting.

Make 1 dress in 8 sessions (16 hrs) at HKD3750 Make 2 dresses in 15 sessions (30 hrs) at HKD6100

13: Advanced dress making - evening gowns, draping or other advanced designs decided by discussion with the workshop leader. Develop your interest, test your own collection, or university students practice for your course.

Take 'Basic dress making' and 'Intermediate dress making' or demonstrate ability prior to starting.

Make 1 dress in 8 sessions (16 hrs) at HKD4300
Make 2 dresses in 15 sessions (30 hrs) at HKD6800

Pattern making

Pattern making courses

1: Basic block pattern-making - learn how to take body measurements & make a flat pattern. Make skirt, bodice, collar and sleeve patterns.
5 sessions (10 hrs) at HKD2080

2: Intermediate pattern-making
 - learn how to make a variation of skirt, blouse and trousers and jacket, coat and sleeves and collars.
6 sessions (12 hrs) at HKD2600

3: Advanced pattern-making
 - learn how to make patterns for strapless dresses, nightwear, raglan sleeves or adding gussets.
8 sessions (16 hrs) at HKD3640

Bag Making

1.) Tote Bag Level 1 
Making tote bag: design and construct your own tote bag applying zipper, pocket, decoration and trimmings. All materials and tools provided. This course lasts for 5 sessions and costs HKD2080. 

Please call 2116 3916 or email for details

 [email protected] / [email protected]
WhatsApp +85262558221

General Terms and Conditions:

  • As we hire space from ITS Education Asia, you need to follow both the ITS terms and conditions as well as these items which are specific to our fashion workshops. Please read the ITS T&C.
  • You must bring your own sewing kits, for example threads, fabric, pencils and rulers. We will provide long rulers, sewing machines and the over locker. Sewing kits can be purchased from us or advice can be given on buying elsewhere. You may not share sewing kits.
  • For the Diploma and Higher Diploma ONLY, course fees include basic sewing kits. Students can personalize their sewing kits with additional purchases. Please note that all fabric and other materials must be paid for separately. This allows us to keep our course fees down and offer you a wider range of fabrics which vary greatly in price and so it is your choice what you decide to spend on them.
  • In the case of weather warnings forcing the school to close a replacement session will be provided at the school’s choice of date and time. Failure to attend a replacement class will be counted as usual absence. Fees will be charged on confirmation of the class and must be paid in advance. Failure to pay will mean the student is barred from attending.
  • The session numbers shown are the average expected time taken to complete the course. However, we appreciate some students are slower and some are faster. Our classes are organised as workshops to allow for different paces. If someone is genuinely slower to get through the work then we may allow them to attend additional time. If this is apparent we will discuss with you as to whether we need to make an additional charge. If students finish quicker than the stated time there is no discount/refund/credit. The price is to cover the knowledge and practice gained not time spent in the class. There is no benefit to going faster for no reason. If you work naturally faster then you have gained time but the price remans the same.
  • The school reserves the right to cancel a class at any time. Unreasonable or disruptive behaviour will not be tolerated and will lead to exclusion. Full refunds for unused fees will be made in such an eventuality.
  • Students can book their lessons through the school by sending an email to [email protected] or in person with the instructors while in class by signing the timetable.

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