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Hong Kong organisation pushing STEM learning for all is among this year's Operation Santa Claus beneficiaries

By ITS Education Asia

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The government continues to emphasise STEM education importance to future scientific and technological developments, but one non-profit group has noted a problem: not every teacher is trained to teach these disciplines well.

Hong Kong Children in Need Foundation Limited (HKCIN), established in 2019, sees opportunities in providing more resources for lower-income primary school students by empowering teachers with the necessary knowledge to educate the younger generation.

Matthew Ho Tak-pong, the organisation’s founder, envisages a society where every child has the same opportunities to enjoy diverse learning experiences in STEM, regardless of social or financial differences.

“We want to work together with schools because we can use lesson times to teach the students directly, which will be most effective and efficient,” Ho said in an SCMP article.




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