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Christopher Short has recently joined as Principal of Dover Court – a Nord Anglia International School. Here, he tells us about his experience within the field of education.


Christopher Short


Christopher was born in London in the UK and has lived in Kenya, Sierra Leone, Venezuela, Australia, Dubai, Ascension Island and Vietnam. After attending Gordonstoun, he got his degree and teaching qualifications from St Mary's College, University of Surrey. He joined Dover Court International School, Singapore from the British International School in Hanoi where he was the founding Head of Secondary.

 Dover Court


'They will be smart enough if we are good enough' – Sir John Jones

    1. What was your first reaction when you first arrived in Singapore? 
      I first visited Singapore back in 1984 so it has been interesting to re-discover the city to see what has changed and what hasn’t. After so many years, I am very excited to now be living in such a great location.


    1. Why do you like being a teacher?
      Making a difference to students and seeing them reach their potential. Students I have taught have gone on to be a wide variety of things (including Crown Prince!) and I hope I’ve played a part in them doing the very best they can in and out of their careers and enjoying it.


    1. What are the challenges of being a teacher?
      Ensuring you meet the needs of all your students. 


    1. What sort of advice can you give to parents moving to a new city with children?
      Don’t worry about the children as they will be more resilient than you. A good school is a great way to build that social and support network for them and you. 


    1. Why did you choose Nord Anglia Education (NAE) to expand your career?
      The professional environment and the support and challenge provided is unmatched in any other organization I’ve come across and almost impossible in stand-alone schools.


    1. How does NAE compare to other schools you’ve taught at? 
      The levels of thought into student progress, children’s welfare, staff development, school design and using the power of the school around the world is brilliant.


    1. Who was your role model growing up and why? 
      Richard Feynman was someone I really admired when I was young; a scientist who could explain concepts to non-scientists and had a strong moral compass. 


    1. Your one advice for students moving/living abroad.
      The same as my advice to young teachers looking for their first opportunity overseas: Go for it. Once in a new country look for fresh opportunities, not the things you miss from home.


    1. What is one lesson you want your students to take away with them at the end of the year? 
      Always strive to improve in every area of life.


    1. Your one word of advice for parents moving/living abroad? 


    1. Why did you become an educator? 
      I did a GAP year job after school in an Australian school. I was thrown into lots of things from the mailroom to coaching cricket and decided I liked working with young people and teachers. 

    2. Your favourite quote when it comes to education. 
      'They will be smart enough if we are good enough' – Sir John Jones


    1. What does it mean to you to be a teacher? 
      I’ve devoted 23 years to it and had some fantastic experiences. I’ve taken a group of students to The Hermitage in St Petersburg, taught students to scuba dive and then run an expedition with them to remote world-class dive locations, experienced students having a light bulb moment when they finally understand trigonometry, developed young teachers into highly effective middle and senior leaders and joined in the community celebration of a school’s affirmation in an external inspection or validation to name a few. No two days are the same!


  1. What do you do when you get homesick?
    With social media I feel more connected with friends and family so homesickness is rarely an issue. Doing something familiar or phoning (rather than messaging) is always a good pick up if needed. 


Dover Court International School


For further information on Dover Court International School, visit:http://www.nordangliaeducation.com/our-schools/singapore

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