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Stamford Launches Scholarships for Hong Kong's Inspiring Youths


Stamford American School Hong Kong has launched the Spirit of Stamford Scholarship Program as part of the school’s

development plan's next phase. This year is going to be very eventful for Stamford, with the completion of the additional facilities and the launch of the new visual identity that reflects both the academic rigor and innovative approach to whole-child development.

It has launched a diverse scholarship program to recognize excellence in the wider communityAwards will offset up to 100% of the recipient's tuition fees in the next academic year at Stamford American School Hong Kong.


Applications are open to all Grades 9-11 (S3-S5) students enrolled in Hong Kong schools who embrace Stamford's integrity, courage, innovation, and compassion. Students who excel in academics, make community contributions, or excel in other specialist areas such as the arts, athletics, and STEM can apply. 

Offering a world of choice for students through the IBDP* and being part of the Cognita Schools group, this is an exciting opportunity to enroll as Stamford completes their campus extension. A full list of criteria and applications are available at:

Applications close on February 5; scholarship awards will be announced in March.

Here is the info session link if not too late:


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