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Tanglin Trust School Centenary Music Scholarship

By ITS Education Asia

As Tanglin nears its 100th birthday in 2025, the school is pleased to announce the introduction of the Tanglin Centenary Music Scholarships.  Read more about this new offering and how the scholarships embody the school’s vision to nurture and inspire everyone to be their best. At the start of 2023, Tanglin unveiled its new Centenary.

At the start of 2023, Tanglin unveiled its new Centenary Building. This impressive 11-storey inspirational learning space is home to a diverse range of exceptional educational facilities, including Tanglin’s new music school. Located over two floors of the Centenary Building, it is a central music hub where Seniors and Juniors can participate in individual and group lessons, and ensembles and performances can happen.

A highlight of the new department are two beautifully designed performance rooms. The larger one can seat up to 100 persons and is designed for a symphony orchestra, symphonic chorus or wind band. The smaller recital space seats 70 and is intended for solo or recital performances. Both are truly aspirational performance spaces, crafted from beautiful materials and are acoustically perfect.

Impressive facilities attract impressive talent, and in September 2023, Tanglin launched a new music scholarship, providing students entering the Senior School the chance to achieve their potential with an enhanced musical studies programme and financial support.

"At Tanglin, we believe in the importance of a holistic education, and the new music scholarship is an example of students demonstrating excellence outside of the classroom," explains Rob Hall, Director of Music. The Scholarship will require students to demonstrate outstanding musical proficiency, a genuine passion for music, the desire to improve and develop their talents, and the commitment to perform regularly.

Chosen scholars should also aim to set an aspirational example in their pursuit of excellence, whether performing as a soloist or an ensemble player, encouraging concert attendance or inspiring students to learn a new instrument.

Tanglin already had an established musical offering, but as Rob Hall explains: "the new exceptional facilities inspire students to perform and achieve, and the Scholarship is an embodiment of this".

The creation of the new Music Department was a detailed collaborative process between the teaching staff and the architects, and the two wood-panelled performance rooms are a highlight of the new department. The aesthetics and acoustics of the new performance rooms are very impressive. These two new spaces demonstrate that Tanglin takes music very seriously and reflects its long-term aim to be recognised as the best school for music in Singapore and the wider region.

To find out more, follow this link: Tanglin Centenary Music Scholarships | Admissions (tts.edu.sg)

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