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UK: GCSE and A-Level results expected to be higher this summer after exams cancelled

By ITS Education Asia

It now appears that using teacher-assessed grades has resulted in average marks being higher than they have been in the past for GCSE and GCE A Level (Note: This article does not relate to International GCSE or International A-Level). I do not suppose many people will be surprised by this but it does make one wonder what the implications will be for tertiary institutions.

The Independent article reports GCSE and A-level results will be higher than normal this summer after tests were cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic and schools asked to submit predicted grades.

The watchdog Ofqual has said it is “not surprising” that grades calculated by many schools and colleges were more optimistic, as teachers “naturally want to do their best for their students”.

Chalkface would like to offer our congratulations to all those students who passed their courses.  We wish you the best of luck on getting into the university course of your choice.  If you do not achieve the grades you wanted and are based here in Hong Kong than you are welcome to come in for a free consultation on how we may be able to help you.



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