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Will edtech empower or erase the need for higher education?

By ITS Education Asia

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A very interesting discussion piece from TechCrunch about the longer term implications of the impact of technology on education as the coronavirus has erased a large chunk of college’s value proposition: the on-campus experience.

As universities struggle, edtech is being positioned as a solution for their largest problem: remote teaching. Coursera, a massive open online course (MOOC), created a campus product to help schools quickly offer digital coursework. Podium Education raised millions to offer universities for-credit tech programs. Eruditus brought on more than $100 million to create programming for elite universities. Remote schooling has forced institutions to piece together third-party solutions to keep operations afloat.

However, while some startups are helping universities offer virtual programming overnight, professors on the ground are warning their institutions to think long-term about what kind of technologies are net positive to adopt.

The only thing for certain seems to be that Covid-19 will have far reaching long term implications to how education is delivered.




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