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Cloth Doll Workshop

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Cloth Doll Making Workshop


doll1These workshops will allow you to design and make Cloth Dolls - taking you from grabbing the inspiration, creating a theme, designing the dolls and their clothes, as well as drafting patterns, and hand stitching (or machine sewing). You will be taught how to make the dolls from your own designs for body shape, hair styles and facial features and then their clothes that fit them perfectly and are also removable. The workshops apply and develop skills from the fashion industry to doll-making.

About the instructor:
Fa Harrington is founder and Director of Fa Fashion Project Hong Kong and has been teaching fashion and sewing since 2009. Fa has lived, studied and worked in HK, England and Thailand and these experiences influence her own lines of womenswear and swimwear as well as craft dolls. You can see and buy her work on the the website www.fashionproject.com.hk. Everything is designed and hand made in Hong Kong and Thailand. Fa is in Hong Kong on a regular basis to lead exclusive short-courses.

What you will get:

    • Fun and enjoyable classes that kick-start your creativity.
    • Dolls that last forever, are unique and valued for yourself or your loved ones.
    • Encouragement to expand your hidden talents.
    • Foundation in fashion figure drawing, including proportion and colours.
    • Foundation of pattern cutting using the same principles as garments for people.
    • Practical stitching, hand-drawing and embroidery.


Cloth Doll 1: design four dolls and four outfits and then choose to make one doll and two outfits (dresses/top and skirt). This will be done by either hand-stitch or machine stitch, if you are familiar with domestic machine and over-locker. 

  • Duration: 3 sessions (7.5 hrs)
  • Fee: 1,950 HKD including the sewing kits, fabric, trimmings and other materials.


Cloth Doll 2: this more comprehensive workshop focuses on making more complex clothes for your doll. You will learn how to make two dolls (male/female), make patterns for and sew a variety of outfits such as shirt collar, pants and jacket, using a sewing machine/hand-stitch. You will learn how to make and sew different components of garments by using different sewing techniques.

  • Course duration: 5 sessions (12.5 hrs)
  • Course fee: 2,950 HKD including the sewing kits, fabric, trimmings and other materials

Workshop schedule:
Morning session 10-12:30 pm
Afternoon 1:30-4:00 pm
Evening 7:00-9:30 pm

Please note that in addition to the main ITS terms and conditions, fashion course have some additional conditions. Please read them here.

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