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Fashion Design and Fashion Drawing in Hong Kong

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Fashion Figure Drawing –  Class Breakdown

Class 1 – 4 Fashion Figure Basics and Proportions/ Fashion Elongation/Drawing the figure freehand/quick sketching/the profile pose/back views/assignments draw full front, profile and back poses based on magazine cuttings
Class 5 – 6 Basic figure forms/ drawing legs and feet, arms and hands
Class 7 – 8 Model drawing based on fashion magazines
Class 9 – 10 Fashion Heads/proportions
Class 11 – 12 Drawing garment details
Class 13 – 14 Putting it all together

Each class is 2 hours making a total of 28 hours. 

Price: You can book modules as follows. Classes 13 and 14 are only available to people who have attended Classes 1- 12. All prices in Hong Kong dollars. 

1-4 (8 hours) HKD2560
5-6 (4 hours) HKD1390
7-8 (4 hours) HKD1390
9-10 (4 hours): HKD1390
11-12 (4 hours): HKD1390
13 – 14 (4 hours)   HKD1390

Or full course (28 hours): $8560 (10% discount)
Payment: cash or cheque to ITS Tutorial School or ask for bank transfer details.

"from day 1, they didn't know how to draw, to where they learn how to be creative" 

Fashion Collection Building

A single-project based series to give a detailed analysis of fashion design process in collection building. Start from concept all the way through to collection presentation boards. Finish with critical analysis. Ideal for pre-uni, university students or for those launching their own brand. 

Duration: 15 x 2 hours

Class 1 – 5

    • The principles and elements of design

Class 6 – 8

    • Research and design – generate endless sources of inspiration
    • Choosing a concept and beginning research process
    • Target market/season

Class 9 - 10

    • Developing mood boards/ theme boards/colourways
    • Range building
    • Start designing developments
    • Begin collecting fabrications

Class 11

    • Develop a fabric board with chosen colourways
    • Continue design developments phase, incorporate selected fabrications

Class 12

    • Design developments
    • Develop a series of fashion figure templates
    • Select 30 designs and begin to fully render designs in outfits

Class 13

    • Continue rendering designs

Class 14 - 15

  • Rendering – finish all designs
  • Mount on presentation board

Price: HK$ 10200

Portfolio Development Course

Designed for high school students who will be submitting a body of work for tertiary education, working professionals who wish to sharpen their existing portfolios or who are looking to change professions into fashion. This course will look at and develop skills for presenting design projects including technical flat drawings, theme boards, customer profile, and presentation boards. 

Duration:  10 x 2 hours 

Class 1 – 2

  • Material selection and technique
  • Start to research customer profile, fill in form, collate images and develop customer profile board

Class 3 – 4

  • Developing 1 concept – research theme/concept and collate mood board
  • Develop fashion figure templates x2 front and back 
  • Begin design developments as pieces

Class 5 -7

  • Finalize design developments
  • Selection and rendering selected garments into 5 complete outfits

Class 8

  • Technical flats

Class 9 – 10

  • Finalize technical flats
  • Mount boards  complete outfits and technical flats

Price: HK$ 8200

Session times all courses:

  • Sessions to be taken from the following:
    Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/ Thursday/Friday/Saturday
    Morning session: 10am – 12noon
    Early afternoon session: 1pm – 3pm
    Late afternoon session: 4pm – 6pm
    Evening session: 7pm – 9pm

Or by appointment - please call to arrange other timings (conditions apply). 

Students can choose to attend more than one session a week if they wish.

Please note that in addition to the main ITS terms and conditions, fashion course have some additional conditions. Please read them here.

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