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Fashion 4 Kids (English or Mandarin)
兒童時尚設計 & 製作課程專案

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kids7Fa Fashion Project for Kids provides children with the opportunity to learn an extensive range of craft and fashion skillsThis is also a fantasic, fun way for youngsters to learn and develop their Mandarin skills. We offer courses in inspiring and professional surroundings with great teachers, where the emphasis is on having fun and an unforgettable creative learning experience. We offer courses where you can choose for your children to design, customize and make a selection of contemporary items.

Fa 兒童時尚設計 & 製作課程項目 ITS教育中心專為孩子們提供學習時尚工藝和技巧的課程。 我們為課程專門配置了設備和專業老師,我們的目的是為孩子們創造一種難忘的學習經驗並從中得到樂趣。您可以為您的孩子選擇以下我們提供的課程,而我們的專業老師則會手把手教您的孩子從設計到製作,親手完成作品。我們的課程包括. 

What you will get:


  • Fun and enjoyable workshops that kick-start your creativity. 
  • Encouragement to expand your hidden talents.
  • Foundation in fashion figure drawing, including proportion and colours.
  • Practical stitching, hand-drawing and embroidery.
  • Non-Mandarin speakers can join the Mandarin course to learn and develop their language skills.



Fashion design and drawing 4 kids

Build a collection that can be turned into real garments. They will enjoy the art of fashion illustration: using different colour media such as colour pencil, marker, water colours, learning fashion figure drawing, garments and proportion. Alternatively, they can make paper dolls and outfits. 


Fashion 4 Kids T-shirt

Each child will be given a t-shirt to design and selection of paints trims and beads to share among the class (max 6 children). T-shirt is an enjoyable project in which children learn how to bring art into fashion while fostering teamwork. By the end of the class, children will also have their own unique and innovative t-shirt to bring home. All materials will be provided. 

每個孩子將獲得一件T恤衫,他們將會自己設計,並通過使用紡織顏料,珠子,花邊,亮片等材料,完成一件獨具自己風格的T恤衫(最多6名學生)。T恤衫設計與製作是一個愉快的項目,孩子們學習如何將藝術融入時尚,同時促進團隊合作。 到課程結束時,孩子們將會有自己獨特的創新T恤衫帶回家。(我們將會提供所有材料)

Fashion 4 Kids Tote bag 

Children will be given a basic bag to start with. We then provide a variety of materials, for example fabric paint, feathers, ribbons, beads, crystals etc. Children may express their imagination and artistic talent to create an absolutely personal and stylish bag in the class. All materials will be provided.

孩子們將獲得一個基本款的手提布袋, 我們提供各種材料,例如紡織顏料,羽毛,絲帶,珠子,水晶等。孩子們可以通過表達他們的想像力和藝術才能,在課堂上創造一個絕對個性化的時尚手提包。(我們將提供所有材料)

Re-design your used garment

There is just too much stuff in the world already and kids are unfortunately the target of many an advert telling them to consume. Being sustainable and saving the global environment are big ideals but the more individual and traditional ideals of reducing wastefulness are also helpful. In this class we hope to instill some of these ideals while having creative fashion fun. Bring along favorite used garments, or even what used to belong to mom or dad. Cut, add on trimming, add colours and embellishments and go home with something new. 

如今,商業社會物質至上,孩子們不幸成為許多商業廣告的賺錢目標,告訴他們要消費。 由此,節約資源,保護地球環境,發展可持續服裝已經是時尚界乃至全世界的大趨勢。每個人從自己做起,改變傳統消費理念,減少浪費,對改變環境就是最大幫助。 在這個課程中,我們希望在創造時尚樂趣的同時將這個理念帶給年輕的下一代。 孩子們可以帶上喜歡的舊衣服,褲子或裙子,甚至屬於媽媽或爸爸的舊衣物,通過重新設計,裁剪,縫紉,添加顏色或裝飾物,變成一件新的作品帶回家。

Crochet or Knitting 4 kids 

Learn how to knit, enjoy the craft, and learn some valuable character traits like patience and pride in work from the achievement. 


kids11Doll and soft toys making 

You will be taught to design their own doll or toy from cloth, then make ones from the designs they create, including decorating and painting the way they like. 


Doll outfits 

Create outfits for soft dolls chosen from Fa’s doll collection. Pick your doll style and then design and make her outfit(s) for your own mini-collection. 


Other crafts and household decor 

You can choose to make pillow cases/apron/chef hats or anything they came up with and approved by the instructor. Great for personalised prezzie-making at birthday or festival times.


Terms and Conditions for Fashion 4 Kids

  • We are learning driven not product driven therefore we make sure the kids have fun, are creative, problem-solve and idea generate. Every child has a different work speed, background and talent so please remember the main outcome is the experience not the quality of the physical product.

    我們的課程是以學習為導向而不是產品為導向,因此我們確保的是孩子們得到樂趣,發揮創造力與提高解決問題的能力。 每個孩子都有不同的工作速度,背景和天賦,所以請記住:主要的結果是體驗過程,而不是實體產品的質量。
  • Ages 8-12
  • We provide necessary equipment specially designed for this age group including blunted needles and maintain small classes with teacher supervision at all times. We operate in licensed school premises with public liability insurance.
    我們提供特別為這個年齡組設計的必要設備,包括剪刀和針線,並且任何時候都是會在教師監督下進行的小班教學(每班最多6名學生)。 我們是持有執照並具備公共責任保險的合法經營的學校。
  • We do understand that kids can get sick all a very sudden but we do need the cancellation 24 hrs prior to the schedule to offer a credit, unless sickness with doctor note.
  • If we cancel the class we will give a minimum notice 24 hrs prior to the schedule
    There will be a maximum of six students in any one class.
  • If your child can’t complete the project on time and really wants to, you can purchase a further extension lesson for 10% discount for the same project.



Monday to Friday - 4pm to 5:30 pm 
星期一 至 星期五,下午16:00 – 17:30
Saturday - 10am to 11:30am; 12:30pm to 2pm; or 2:30pm to 4pm 
星期六, 上午10:00 – 11:30, 或下午12:30 – 14:00, 或下午14:30 –16:00 

Packages (1.5hr/session)
3 sessions = HKD1,250 
5 sessions = HKD1,980 
7 sessions = HKD2,700 
10 session = HKD3,500 

How many sessions your child needs will depend on your child! People work at different paces, want to attend with different regularity and want different outcomes. If you are confident you want lots of time then buy a bigger package. Or buy a small package to start with and buy more once you know what your child is comfortable with.

我的孩子應該選擇什麼樣的課程呢?其實,每個人的工作進度都不同,規律性也不同,相對的結果也會不同。因此,如果你有信心,想需要大量的時間來完成一件作品,那您可以購買一個多課時的課程。 或者,您也可以從購買一個小課程開始,以便先瞭解您的孩子是否喜歡與適應。

Please note that in addition to the main ITS terms and conditions, fashion course have some additional conditions. Please read them here.

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