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Education Assistance for Relocating Employees

For assignees with families, their children’s education is a major concern when they are moving to a new destination, sometimes even a barrier to accepting an assignment at all. Often securing a school placement reflects the choice of residents which in some cases is delayed due to not finding a suitable school.  

The aim of our education assistance programme, is to ensure the employee understand the schooling options in their host location and to help them find the most appropriate school for their child. 
We begin the process with a thorough needs analysis to ensure that we understand the parents’ preferences, education values and the needs of the child – managing expectations is also a key part of this process.
Providing education assistance to the relocating family ensures that your employees can make informed decisions about their children’s education and are well prepared before moving to their new destination. School places are limited in some locations in particular in Hong Kong, with places allocated on a first come, first served basis and many schools offering priority for places to siblings and country-specific passport holders. A well informed parent is in a position to make prompt decisions, maximising their chances of a school placement. This gives them peace of mind and reduces the anxiety of finding a suitable school. 

family photo“ITS Educational Services knows that your company’s success depends on immediate decision-making when you relocate employees, and that is why ITS delivers peach of mind by ensuring a family experience a smooth transition.”

Anne Murphy 

The Value of an ITS Education Consultant

Our international consultants are experienced educators who have worked in various schools around Asia and who also have experience working in the relocation industry They have a wide-ranging knowledge of schools and curricula, as well as an in-depth understanding of the needs of students and parents, our consultants offer a wealth of advice and information to relocating parents.  We search for the very best school and the most suitable environment where each child will thrive. 

Our teaching experience and inside knowledge on schools will be very helpful to families who need to understand the difference between country-specific curriculum and various education systems. We organise school visits with key personnel at preferred schools, prepare children for interviews and academic assessments, advice families on what they need to know about individual schools and offer professional assistance with the applications. Throughout the process, the consultant will also update and advise HR, keeping them up to date at key times.

Our education assistance service includes, but is not limited to:

  • Education introduction – conduct need analysis to establish requirements and manage expectations, discuss education options, provide information on relevant schools and application processes, and advice on alternative options.
  • School visits – source suitable schools and arrange appointments, prepare parents for visits and accompany them on the visits.
  • Assistance with registration – guide families through the application process, and follow up with schools during waiting period.  On-going telephone and email support during the entire school search.
  • Payment of School Registration fees – prompt payment of school application fees on the employee/client’s behalf.
  • Interview & Assessment Preparation – one-to-one support and by email correspondence before the children attend the interviews and assessments.

What do our Clients Say About Us?

"I would like to acknowledge the invaluable service provided by Anne Murphy and her team in managing the process of school identification and application on behalf of our three children. As with any move there are many things to be considered including school selection which is a critical consideration in the move of any family."
Foley Family, Ireland

"Our consultant demonstrated deep knowledge of the environment and opportunities available to us. We have used ITS School Placement Services for both our moves within Asia." 
Torres Family, Brazil 

ITS Education Services LTD

ITS offers a wide range of services for corporations:

  • Educational Seminars
  • Customised educational research for group moves: What parents need to know before they move
  • Schools choices for repatriating families
  • Detailed research on tuition fees and debentures

Contact us at 2116 3916 or email us at [email protected] for more information.

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