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These fees apply to payments made in Hong Kong by cash, cheque or bank transfer. If you wish to pay by credit card online the fees will be charged in USD (see list here). Please let us know if you wish to receive your invoice in USD.

Service Fee (HKD)
Private Lessons - Level Per hour / Per student
Primary school up to year 6 inclusive HKD680
I/GCSE, Middle School, Years 7, 8, 9 or equivalent HKD810 (50% off first lesson in each I/GCSE subject booked)
IB, AS/A level, DSE, Senior Secondary HKD880 (50% off first lesson in each subject booked)
SSAT / Pre-AP HKD1,000
IB EE / IB IA / ToK / Fieldwork HKD1,100
SAT / ACT / SAT II / AP HKD1,100
Tertiary HKD1,500
Larger classes (2+ students) Ring for quote
Interview and invigilation services
Interview Prep:
Kindergarten/Primary school entrance HKD750
Secondary/High school entrance HKD880
Oxbridge / Ivy+ HKD1,800
Other universities HKD1,500
Coaching (university or job choice and development) HKD1,800
Invigilation services HKD1,500 up to 3 hours, HKD400/hr thereafter
Mock exam services Fees on info page
Other Services
YCI options from HKD2800 per month
Choosing University Course 6 hours coaching and counselling HKD6,000
UK university admissions ITS student External student
Personal statement support HKD1200 per hour HKD1500 per hour
UCAS Reference HKD2200 HKD4500
Predicted grades (includes mock exam)
Per subject HKD1500 HKD2500
Counselling on any part of process HKD1200 HKD1500
USA university admissions
Packages HKD25,000 up
Essay support HKD1,000 per hour
Transcript HKD5,000
Reference HKD1,900 for 1st school, HKD1,000 per additional school
Predicted grades Depends on syllabus -contact us
Counselling HKD1500 per hour
SAT Preparation - Click link for details Fees on info page
Medical school references HKD5,000 per school
IELTS Preparation - Click link for fee details Fees on info page
PTE Preparation - Click link for details Fees on info page
Click the link for information about ITS's → Educational consultancy and school placement services
Click the link for information about ITS's → Fashion and Dressmaking courses
Facility Hire Click here or call 2116 3916

A booking administration fee of HKD100 will be charged to all new students.

All marking/proofing will be charged at hourly rates of the school level involved.

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