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Aarush Garg

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About Me

My name is Aarush Garg and I am student from German Swiss International School in Year 11. I am very passionate about mathematics and its real life applications into solving important problems such as reduction of carbon dioxide emissions through the use of renewable energy. I like to do various mathematics competition such as AMC, AIME, UKMT Intermediate and Senior Mathematical Olympiads and AIMO, and have achieved numerous accolades in these competitions. I am also interested in political science and international relations between countries which is evident through my avid participation and chairing in several Model United Nation competitions. On the weekends, you will find me playing cricket for my club team and due to my prowess, recently I also represented Hong Kong at the Under 19 ICC Cricket World Cup Qualifiers in Oman and succeeded, taking 4 international wickets.

Project Description

Through the UNITAR Youth Ambassador Program, I was able to create my own paper recycling initiative. I was inspired by learning statistics about the paper waste we produce in schools and communities as a whole over the world, and the long-lasting impact it has on trees, deforestation and climate change. In addition, I had been implementing paper recycling at home myself and thus wished to extend my practices to other people in society and thus positively impact the community. This would aim to reduce paper waste in Hong Kong schools and communities and thus reduce the cutting down of trees and carbon dioxide emissions as a result as well as pollution from overfilling landfills. This links to SDG number 11, 12 and 13 as it focusses on responsible consumption and production as well as climate action and making cities and communities more sustainable. This initiative would introduce the concept of tri-partitioned recycling bins: one for single sided used paper, one for completely blank paper and one for paper used on both sides. Paper weight would be measured by smart bins, and incentives would be given to users, to encourage paper recycling in each bin.

Achievements Since UNITAR:

Since completing UNITAR, I have been shortlisted finalist of the Hong Kong Outstanding Students' Award.

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