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ITS Foundation UNITAR YAAPP 2022

In 2022 the programme expanded into a more truly Asia-Pacific offering. Thirty-four participants from 21 schools in Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan and Afghanistan went through the ten weeks of learning, mentoring and development from September and once again culminating in a graduation pitch-event in November.

Meet the 2022 Cohort

Aarush Garg Aarush Garg
Audrey Kwok Audrey Kwok
Audrey Yuen Audrey Yuen
Harrow (HK)
Bernice Chou Bernice Chou
Bryan Chiu Bryan Chiu
Chantal Sun Chantal Sun
Claire Luo Claire Luo
Christy Lee Christy Lee
Clarisse Poon Clarisse Poon
Cody Cheung Cody Cheung
Ema Poposka Ema Poposka
Ethan Lo Ethan Lo
Feiru Ma Feiru Ma
K International School Tokyo (Japan)
Gabrielle Wong Gabrielle Wong
Wycombe Abbey (HK)
Joshua Chan Joshua Chan
Josephine Jaume Josephine Jaume
Joshua Chan Joy Yam
Po Leung Kuk Choi Kai Yau School (HK)
Kate Jung Kate Jung
Kayla Ng Kayla Ng
Dulwich College (Singapore)
Lavina Lo Lavina Lo
Natalie Cheung Natalie Cheung
Paloma Hesry Paloma Hesry
Rumi Lorenzo Aquino Rumi Lorenzo Aquino
Dulwich College (Singapore)
Sahil Harjani Sahil Harjani
Saloni Sethi Saloni Sethi
Sean Lee Sean Lee
Island (HK)
Sena Chang Sena Chang
The American School Tokyo (Japan)

Graduation day - hybrid pitch event hosted by Microsoft

Graduation day was hosted by Microsoft at their Experience Centre at Cyberport. Hong Kong based ambassadors pitched in-person to the room and overseas participants pitched virtually. Once again feedback came from expert judges and this time from previous Ambassadors. The UNITAR Hiroshima office was able to dial in and observe and awards were again made by the audience via online voting.

The 2022 projects were (Click the green names for more info):

Aarush Garg: Paper Pals
Agastya Singh: Sports4Change
Alex Chou : Qurlable
Audrey Kwok: Feeding Forward
Audrey Yuen: You Canto Records
Bernice Chou: Funcation Med+
Bryan Chun Kuen Chiu: Design Your Life at 25
Chantal Sun: GreenMe
Christy Lee: HelloooBetter!
Claire Luo: Sunshine Humanities
Clarisse Poon: Light Their Rights
Cody Cheung: Fashion Z
Ema Poposka : Crew
Ethan Yin Hop Lo: Orbit
Feiru Ma : U2Leader
Gabrielle Wong: Connect
Hannah Wu: Ecohub Hong Kong
Hoi Man (Kayla) Yeung: Fusion
Josephine Jaume: BioBuses
Joshua Nicholas Chan : Circe Diem
Joy Yam: Red Shield
Kate Jung Ching Wai: Ecoliberation
Kayla Ng : Xpiration
Lavina Lo: bento!
Michelle Ho: Youth in Action
NQ: Braingym
Natalie Cheung: MHM
Paloma Hesry: Sustainable Development Film Festival
Rumi Lorenzo Aquino: Taste Kitchen
Sahil Harjani: Captuart
Saloni Sethi: The Learning Network
Sean Lee: Reality Evergreen
Sena Chang: Healthify Japan
Tiffany Chen Kai Xin: aPARTment scheme

Award Winners:

For Presentation - Sena Chang, Healthify Japan
For Inclusion - Christy Lee, HelloooBetter!
For Innovation - Sahil Harjani, Captuart
For Impact - Audrey Yuen, You Canto records

Top prizes:

Potential: NQ, Braingym
Imagine: Bryan Chiu, Design Your Life at 25

2022 Ambassador achievements post programme:

  • Agastya Singh is raising money for charity to tackle SDG 1, 2 and 3 through a youth-run football tournament. He has won a 8000HKD grant from the American Club to do so.
  • Bryan Chiu's initiative Design Your Life at 25 has won a $3000 Kids4kids sponsorship, has been featured on StartMeUpHK festival and Global Goals Week. Bryan has also been featured as the youth panelist in HK SDG Summit and currently has 300 signups from 13 different countries for his program.
  • Clarisse Poon has won the Hong Kong Playground Association Outstanding Teen Award.
  • Cody Cheung has continued to develop his initiative FashionZ through the ITS YCI Programme.
  • Feiru Ma has received a Certificate of Recognition from the Syrian Embassy in Japan in December 2022 for her collaboration with the embassy to deliver stationary to rural schools in Syria. She has also raised over 2000 USD for first aid relief for the Syria-Turkey Earthquakes.
  • Lavina Lo has not only become a UN Youth Ambassador but is also representing her school as one of the student ambassadors for the organization TASS (The Alliance of Sustainable Schools). Her mission is to make her school more sustainable by reviewing and changing aspects of the buses, uniforms and food.
  • Natalie Cheung organized and ran Hong Kong's first youth-led mental health summit in May 2023, which featured discussions and workshops by mental health experts and various local organizations. She was also a youth panelist at the 2023 SDG Summit.
  • Saloni Sethi organized a Turkey-Syria fundraiser in her school and raised 15,000 HKD. She also did a fundraiser for her school charity and raised the school’s target of 70,000 HKD.

Dulwich College Singapore

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