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Bernice Chou

Bernice Chou


About Me

My name is Bernice Chou and I am a year 12, IB Diploma student at King George V School. My interest lies in the field of science and aside from working on SDG related activities, you can catch me reading, watching movies or doing various volunteer work!

Project Description

My initiative is called Med+ which is an extension of my current student organization called Funcation. I first came up with this idea when I was volunteering at local schools and realized that the current first aid curriculum in the general studies syllabus in Hong Kong is very basic and many students don't engage well with the course. However, first aid knowledge is increasingly important, especially to respond to emergency situations. Through this initiative I aim to help to nurture local primary school students to gain a more holistic understanding regarding public health and understand basic first aid. This links to SDG 4 (Quality Education) as my team and I hope to provide comprehensive and accessible health education to children and SDG 11 as we hope to encourage more first aid conscious people around the city, allowing more people to learn how to respond in emergency situations and increase the safety of oneself and others around you.

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