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Ema Poposka

Ema Poposka


About Me

Hi! My name is Ema Poposka and I am a secondary school student in Hong Kong. I have always been fascinated and mesmerized by the ocean and its living beings. I love water sports and I use every opportunity to go swimming, sailing, or surfing. However, when I first tried diving I was instantly captivated by the ocean’s beauty. I wanted to share the vibrant life under water with my friends as I was certain that when they saw it they too would fall in love with the ocean. That is why I made my first documentary about Hong Kong corals. In a short period of time, the film attracted a lot of attention worldwide, being a finalist for the 27th ifva film awards, and winning a Gold Remi at the Houston International Film Festival. I want to continue making films that will inspire change. I also hope to be an inspiration for more young girls to join the film industry and showcase their storytelling talents. When I am not filming or writing scripts, I love reading, acting, or speaking about the ocean at events.

Project Description

Making Waves Club is a non-profit student-led organization that gives a platform to young storytellers to use filmmaking to advocate for ocean protection. We believe that films can be a very effective way to raise awareness about important social issues and inspire change in behaviour. We have already produced two short films, one documentary and one animation, that have won awards at several international film festivals. In 2022, we organized the first ever Hong Kong student-led Ocean Youth Eco International Film Festival (OYEIFF). The festival was held online on June 8, World Ocean Day. It focused on raising awareness about ocean conservation through short films created by youth ranging from 7 to 18 years old from around the world. OYEIFF was featured by Faith Griffiths on the official website of the World Ocean Day. In June 2023, the Festival will take place for a second year, this time in person. It is now taking submissions and everyone is invited to submit their short film about the ocean and life under water. At Making Waves, we strive to share our passion and knowledge for filmmaking by organizing training events. We have so far delivered workshops for students at the SDG Summit, while short instructional videos are also available for free on our Youtube channel. In the future, we plan to use our storytelling skills in other ways, for example to work on development of games that will inspire ocean protection and motivate young people to be more active in protecting our ocean and keep its environment healthy.

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