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Lavina Lo

Lavina Lo


About Me

My name is Lavina Lo, and I am currently a Year 10 student studying at Victoria Shanghai Academy (VSA). I am a passionate advocate for the Sustainable Development Goals, constantly discovering new ways to make our world a better place, by working with student initiatives and other organizations. As a graduate of this year's UNITAR cohort, I am a member of the schools' Environmental Council, leader of the UNICEF Club, and work in volunteer tutoring programs to better our community. Other than that, I am also an avid reader, and lover of all arts, including Theatre, Visual Arts and Music! Lastly, I am also an aspiring Medical student in Hong Kong, my goal in life to assist others in need.

Project Description

I came up with "bento!" with a couple of my friends. As we all know, school lunches are not great in Hong Kong. As students, we hoped to be able to do something that improved our own school community first, starting with what we knew best. bento!'s vision is to empower students and catering companies to achieve sustainable practices through healthy & sustainable school meal plans. It is closely related to many of the SDGs, specifically Good Health and Well-being, Climate Action, Responsible Consumption and Production, Sustainable Cities and Communities and more.

Achievements Since UNITAR:

Post-UNITAR, I have been representing my school as one of the student ambassadors for the organization TASS (The Alliance of Sustainable Schools), of which we have signed a charter with, promising to make our school more sustainable. Together, we have been working to improve sustainability in the school buses, uniforms, school itself and of course, school food. This program has helped me further my initiative, bento!, while allowing me to collaborate with other schools and students to further the sustainability journey.

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