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Paloma Hesry

Paloma Hesry

International Sustainable Development Film festival

About Me

My name is Paloma, nice to meet you virtually. I express myself through creative initiatives - whether to communicate or take action, I truly believe my drive and motivation derive from writing, creating events, performing...basically combining my heart and head to make something I am passionate about. I strive to make my passion align with my time on earth. Remember that famous quote : "The meaning of life is to give your life meaning" ? This quote ( yes, I admit, it's cheesy ) can ( nevertheless ) be quite poignant for our generation.

Project Description

My initiative is called the International Sustainable Development Film festival. We are blessed by the accessibility we have to knowledge, our capacity to adapt, and our determination to seize the chance to make the world a better place. We are a generation that, despite having to face different hardships, continues to hope...But you and I both know impact can only be achieved if significant awareness, intent, and change take place. By introducing the International Sustainable Development Film Festival, viewers and organizers can directly be confronted to today's world issues. From animated debates and discussions, to informative, or touching short films, passing by instructive games and workshops, without leaving behind an exceptional concert, the International Sustainable Development Film Festival organized by students and teachers from the French International School of Hong Kong allow those three essential steps to happen, all whirled up with a sprinkle of fervor and fun!

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