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Rumi Lorenzo Aquino

Rumi Lorenzo Aquino

Taste Kitchen

About Me

I am Rumi Lorenzo Aquino and am a student at Dulwich College Singapore and was part of the UNITAR programme for 2022. I was born in England, but my mum is from Pakistan and my dad is from Italy. I grew up in London before moving to Singapore at the age of 6 and have not moved anywhere since and have spent most of my time in Singapore at Dulwich College. I am very passionate about sustainability and was very excited to have the opportunity with the UNITAR programme. However, I am also extremely interested in football and cricket and spend lots of my free time playing these sports with my friends. My goals in life are to continue to help the world be more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Project Description

My initiative was to provide the migrant worker population of Singapore access to a healthy diet, as they currently do not receive this which affects their diet and lifestyle. The SDGs that link to my problem are SDGs 10, 11, and 12. Our problem incorporates these three SDGs as we are aiming to reduce global food waste at retail levels. This will in turn improve sustainability in Singapore and reduce the inequalities that migrant workers face. I came up with the idea when I was thinking about who are the people most in need of help in Singapore. Immediately the migrant workers came to mind. From there I began to research why migrant workers suffer and this is how I came up with my initiative.

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