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Sena Chang

Sena Chang

Healthify Japan

About Me

Sena is a 17-year-old Japanese-Korean activist and writer based in Tokyo. As a member of several educational and climate advocacy groups, Sena has also attended the Transforming Education Summit held during the 77th UN General Assembly, as well as the Asia-Pacific ECOSOC Youth Forum. As a result of her work, Sena was most recently named a 2022 Global Teen Leader by We Are Family Foundation and Three Dot Dash, as well as the President’s Honor Winner of the National Young Hero Award by the National Liberty Museum. Using her platform and voice, she dreams of utilising the power of storytelling and cultivating a generation that is open and empowered to engage in open political dialogue. Professionally, she hopes to become an international criminal and human rights lawyer, a legislator on space policy, or an opinion essayist.

Project Description

HealthifyJapan is an app that connects elderly patients living at homes with their caretakers and family members, who are able to analyze and evaluate that data to track for any diseases. By streamlining medical communication, Healthify Japan aims to keep both the caretaker and elderly connected to each other via an application and ultimately democratize access to accurate, quality medical information. Targeting SDGs #3 (Good Health and Wellbeing), #10 (Sustainable Cities and Communities) and #11 (Reduced Inequalities), HealthifyJapan aims to transform the medical industry in a globe that is burdened by a growing aging population and ultimately bridge divides in elderly healthcare access through a smart monitoring app.

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