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The YCI Executive is an opportunity for YCI Members to engage in additional global profile events, gain exposure for their profile, access high-end organizations and find ways to increase the impact of their initiative.

Read down to see what the YCI Executive program adds to standard YCI Membership.

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The YCI Executive program is for YCI Members who wish to take their project to the next level while simultaneously enriching their experience and raising their profile. YCI Executives will see themselves in multiple leadership roles in their life beginning now. They seek to combine organizational leadership from their YCI Member project with other leadership roles in their communities be that school, university or any other. They hope to learn from their peers and mentors so that they themselves can grow into thought leadership roles.

The Executive program opens up a range of opportunities which participants will mix and match to their own needs, goals and abilities.


Select Executives may be invited to present at Catalysing Change week.
In 2021, Alex Lee and Alvin Wong presented for the Executive program.

As well as YCI Executives getting support for presenting to appropriate audiences, such as at their schools or in government initiatives and events, they also get plenty of media exposure. Just to sample a few:

YCI Executives will get guidance on setting up and maintaining a LinkedIn profile.
LinkedIn is the go-to platform for business and organizational profiles and young adults can benefit enormously from getting their profile established, building links, expanding their network and having a real chance to engage in early thought leadership.

An upgrade to Executive is by mutual agreement. Please contact Danny Harrington to start the process.

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