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ITS Education Asia and UNITAR to Collaborate on Youth Ambassador Asia Pacific Programme

The United Nations Institute of Training and Research (UNITAR) and ITS Education Asia will jointly launch the UNITAR Youth Ambassador Asia Pacific Programme in Hong Kong and other cities in China. The 10-week programme empowers high school students to help our world build back better, greener, and stronger from the recent pandemic that swept the world. It trains the young people on sustainable development and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  “Youth are the driving force of social development and how we act together to advance the SDGs now determines their future, not ours,” says Mr. Danny Harrington, Managing Director of ITS Education Asia. “We are grateful to UNITAR for recognizing our unwavering commitment towards education for sustainable development and the furtherment of global citizenship of young leaders in Hong Kong, China and across Asia Pacific.” “Our engagement at UpLink, the World Economic Forum’s platfor . . .

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StartmeupHK 2021 Scaleup Impact Summit

Fantastic to be with InvestHK on Wednesday 26 May 2021 to hear our Changemakers presenting their ideas and appeals for change and for SDG action to the business community. Well done Alvin Wong, Aden Wong, Reese Wong, Audrey Yuen, Arthur Cheung, Charmaine Ng, Nicole Lee, Grace Z., Stefanie Lee, Katia Shek, Justin Cheng, Sophia Lawrance, Vanisa Chou, Christine Ren, Jayden Chung . . .

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UN World Oceans Day Event x Parley for the Ocean

On June 8, YCI students have been asked to join our celebration of Ocean Conservation.  Three schools (CIS, CDNIS and ESF Renaissance College) will lead the organisation of this two-part eventwith Parley, known for their work with Adidas to produce eco-friendly shoes. . . .

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Carbon neutral at WANBO

Jason Qiu presented his YCI Carbon neutral project to his peers at Island School. Kenneth Kwok ofKIDSforSDGs which supports YCI projects also spoke to the group. Report here: . . .

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YCI at World Humanitarian Forum

YCI Member Alvin Wong gets a mention for his initiative March to Your Beat addressing therapy for ASD at the WHF London 2021 hybrid event:   . . .

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Meet the Mentors - Ruth

Sustainable solutions come from creative problem solving, and this is the belief Ruth has held as she helps students become catalysts for change through the YCI program. The UN SDGs have informed her own goals as she continues to take small steps toward big changes in her circles of influence. The goals she is most passionate about are Good health and Well-being and Quality Education, be it as a Psychology teacher in the classroom, as a volunteer at her local church or as a member of Hong Kong’s Ethnic Minority community. Sustainable development can only be achieved if each person - no matter how young - is willing to do their part, and it is everyone’s responsibility to be informed and committed to making the world a more livable place. . . .

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Jason at Ark Eden #2

Ark Eden is a tree-planting initiative on Lantau Island which also engages in educational projects. Jason is looking at how he can contribute with his carbon neutral inistiative. He recently made a trip: “I had joined along a trip with HKU professor Mr Gavin Coates and HKU students to learn more about the agriculture and ecosystem in Mui Wo. Mr Coates provided in-depth descriptions about the trees in Mui Wo and his personal views on reforestation in Hong Kong. He believes that non-native species would effectively build a canopy in order to protect the native species growing underneath. Personally, I had gained a greater understanding about tree-planting.” . . .

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Jason at Ark Eden #1

Jason has started an initiative called Carbon Neutral. He is very aware of the impact human activity has had on the atmosphere and how the enhanced greenhouse effect is already changing climates and will continue to do so for many years.  As people realise they need to start adapting and mitigating for the behaviours that have caused this, one approach is to look at ways to remove carbon from the atmosphere.  Having researched carbon sequestration, Jason realised that tree-planting is the quickest, easiest and most natural route to achieve this. His Carbon Neutral initiative seeks to see how tree-planting works, to engage in tree-planting in Hong Kong and to come up with a model to help other volunteers around the world get involved with tree-planting in their locations. . . .

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